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Full Version: Pets and Camping in New York
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We camped in New York state this summer. We have a small Jack Russell Terrier that goes everywhere we do. We live in Ohio and keep her shot record in the safe with the other important papers.
We were asked for these papers at every campground that we stopped at in NY. She had her tags on but they all wanted papers. I guess there is a lawsuit pending of a dog that bit a camper.
We came home and made a copy of her papers and put it in the camper so there will be on more problems. Thought you all might like to know this.
this is wonderful information,
I live in NJ and have camped in NJ and PA so far...
I do have my dogs records in the camper, and the funny thing
is, no one has EVER asked to see them....
I'm seeing more and more campgrounds allowing only ONE dog per
camper.....makes me sad because I'm about to buy dog #2
Yes. I have had the same situation in NY STATE..
In New York state (especially the Hudson region) ALL campgrounds will ask you for rabies/vaccinataion papers.......
AND, ask if you have a vicious breed and/or large breed..
I have three labradors and I called 15 campgrounds.
Most did not allow any large dogs or ONLY ALLOWED ONE PER SITE...

THE NJ SHORE seems to be more open to DOGS... check them out
Florida state parks will normally require you to show papers for your dog. I always keep them in the glove compartment.
It is ALWAYS a good idea to have vaccination records with you whenever you travel with your pets.

People (of course not all) seem to be kind of strange about dogs and if one even scratches there could be some kind of dispute about rabies vaccines.

A few years ago in Texas (where I was a vet technician), the state was under a Rabies quarantine and it was necessary for all to carry vaccine records with you when you were traveling with your pet. I was showing my dog and even it was necessary for me to have records at the dog show even though I wasn't asked for it.


Happy camping! rolleyes.gif
I feel it might be becoming standard procedure for campgrounds on the east coast. We have been asked for rabbies vacination papers in NYS State Parks since 1999. This past week we were in western North Carolina and the Shenendoha valley of VA and at each campground we were asked if we had pets. We didn't take our pets on this trip but I asked why and the campground owners stated they wanted to see a rabbies vacination paper or the animals shot record. Funny thing is most of these campgrounds don't seem to tell you up front either on their web pages or when you call what their policy is. I know Reserve America does. Therefore we are making it a habit of taking them along just in case when our four legged kids come along.

We live in New York State and we are often asked for the shot records for our miniature schnauzer at the majority of NY campgrounds. As we travel the New England States through the summer & fall, New York campgrounds seem to be the only ones that make this request. We have the records in a three ring binder, and is in the motorhome during our travel months, and is available when requested. She is a great traveller, and has be taught to be QUIET. At times our camping neighbors do not know we have the four legged kid with us. We receive many favorable comments about her.
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