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Just wanted to say hello from the great white north (Ottawa Canada), starting out late this year but am planning to head to Orlando in Feb for 6 weeks, it is a balmy -1C/31F today, very sunny and expected burn time is about 3 months.

Read a few reveiws and looks like a great site.

Thats it for now, see ya eh!
Welcome, there are alot of informative members on this site. Enjoy your trip and don't get too burned by the sun down south.
John Blue

Welcome to this site and come on down to the sun shine state. It was 85 today outside Tampa and this week will be around the same with no rain. Not a bad way to spent the day.
Welcome Dogbone, a fun forum with good people, who have great input and opinions no matter what the subject maybe.

John Blue sure does know how to hurt us with his weather report. Although this winter, for us in New York, the weather has not been bad at all. At least so far anyway,but winter is not over.
Hey, Dogbone, our home base is Ottawa. Sure glad we're in Arizona. It was 75F here today and sunny!

Welcome to the forum.

Cheryl Fuller
Dogbone - okay, this is confusing...are you the same person as Dog Bone. I see it says you joined yesterday and he had been around for longer than that but was just wondering. In any case, welcome.
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