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Would like to bring to your attention an action, by a few poorly educated Rvers, that every Rver should be aware of. I personally have seen this occur a number of times, and have taken a few simple steps and procedures to protect our health. Now just picture this: You have just arrived at your assigned campsite, you make the connection to the electric power box, and now you proceed to connect your water hose, regulator, filter, etc, and open the water valve to allow water to flow through the hose. Shut the hose off, and at this point you connect the hose to your RV, reopen the valve and the water flows into your RV. Now let's backup to the last user of this same site who has vacated not more than one hour ago. During his break down of this site, He choose to flush his sewer hose under the same water faucet you just hooked up to. mad.gif His action had contaminated the faucet, the post, the ground and what ever else in the immediate area of the water spray. His actions may or may not cause your health to be in peril, but I choose to error on the side precaution. When I arrive at the point of connecting the water hose, I observe the immediate area to see if there is any indication of an amount of water that has been dumped on the ground. This could possiblily indicate that this flushing may have taken place. Most times the flushing occurs down the sewer drop. To protect our water hose and contents, I have a spray bottle that contains a mixture of clorox and water. The mixture I use, is 2/3 full of clorox, and fill with water. I spray the faucet, the hose connection, the interior of the hose, connect hose and open the faucet and let the water run through. At this point I connect to the RV. I follow this procedure every time, and at every campground. Better safe than sorry. I have been told that hepatitis C is only one, but the most serious illness you should protect yourself from. Also wear your gloves, when handling the sewer hose, and related equipment. Just some information to have you think about your health. rolleyes.gif
John Blue

Good information to all. We have found the same people all over the USA that do this trick. I think most were new or do not care. One young person run water in 3" hose and they dumped hose water all over this feet, put up hose and went inside.

On bleach or Clorox 1 oz to qt. of water will do the same job. Clorox in stores is 5% plus 95% water. Pool bleach is 10% and cost less. Remember this stuff is acid and will damage lots of items. Less bleach will do less damage.

Always wash the hands.
Good info but... go to Cornell Medical School web page listed below for information that will change your thinking of Clorox as a disinfectant. Clorox has a shelf life and once diluted in water it's shelf life is a matter of HOURS. In fact there is a expire date on ALL Clorox bleach containers. You just need to know how to read it.
Thanks for the info, here I was under the idea that I was playing it safe. My question now is, what does one use as a disinfectant in the place of the bleach-clorox ?? I'm finding more questions than answers on the subject. I'm sorry, but I feel better and safer employing the clorox procedure, than doing nothing. But then again my thinking may create a false sense of security. Good Grief !!
If you go to the web site and follow the different links, you will find a host of different products that are available. Also if you follow the link to the Clorox web site you will find they list how to properly use Clorox to disenfect. The main thing is to follow the directions to get the best results and remember Clorox does have a LIMITED shelf life.
Is there any reason that plain rubbing alcohol couldn't be used to disinfect?
Asked (Is there any reason that plain rubbing alcohol couldn't be used to disinfect?)
If you go to Cornell Medical School web site listed below and then click on "Home" at the top, it will take you to the main page with links concerning using Rubbing Alcohol as well as Peroxide Chemicals to disinfect.

If you follow the different links on Cornell Med. School web site you can find the answers to almost all medical safety questions.
Butch, I have always done the same thing, only I used swimming pool chlorine. I guess we learn something new everyday! I would of never thought bleach or chlorine had a shelf life? Oh well back to square one... biggrin.gif

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