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Maybe u can help me im leaving daytona beach fl and i want to go to LA CALIFORNIA, is there rv parks there? I need a safe park that hasa hotub and pool but not the most $$$$ park, second what is a good route from daytona i take I-10 and then head west?maybe u have a suggestion like there is a park 5 or 10 miles away from LA? last dumb question (What about all the walmarts on the way west are they all cool about staying overnight? thanks for repling
I can't give specifics for your trip, however, I always find the park reviews extremely helpful. There are a lot of reviews listed under California, so I'm sure you'll find something near LA that suits you.

Also, to find some free (or cheap) stops along the way, like Wal-Mart, Flying J, or rest areas, try It has them listed by state, so it's very easy to find what you are looking for.

Hope you have a great trip.
Watch I-10 through Louisiana. It's very rough. Be sure everything is tied down well.

We just came through California and stayed at a PA park in San Diego. It was a very nice park but still expensive even with PA prices. We didn't go into LA so can't help you there. We bypassed by going thru Bakersfield and Barstow down to San Diego.

There are several Passport America campgrounds in San Diego, all expensive.

Have a great trip!

Sandra: Did you stay in Barstow on this trip? If so, where did you stay and what did you think of it, please? Thanks.
There's not much of anything in Barstow. IF you want to spend the night there, you have a couple of choices, go to the KOA at Yermo (Calico Ghost Town) which is east of Barstow on I-15 a few miles or go to Mojave which is west of Barstow. In Mojave there is the Sierra Trails Rv park.
Neither one of these places should be considered to any thing more than a place to spend the night in the SUMMER months, in the Winter months they fill up with people looking for some place warm.
We normally stop at one or the other on our way to Yuma, AZ and on our way home.

Now if your looking to spend some time in the area I would suggest "Red Rock Canyon state park" or "Hole in the Wall Campground National Preserve" or "Mid Hills campground" also a federal campground.

Thanks. We'll just be passing through and will probably stay at Yermo. Appreciate the information.
I'm a little confused by this topic's title. Did I miss something, where is the great RV Park? unsure.gif
hey cherl the topic is i have a great park meaning u do..... i posted the same ques and nobody repiled.... thanks for sharing cherl
Okay, I just thought that maybe my computer was having problems again. I had to restore it a month or so ago and was hoping I wouldn't have to do so again. I think it may be time to consider getting a new one.
As for nobody replying, give them time, I'm sure you will get responses. I see you are new - welcome to the board. People on here are helpful, but sometimes get busy and don't post everyday. I can't help, my only trip to California was in 1996 and we didn't spend anytime in LA - except for one day at Disneyland. We went to the Sequoia National Forest. It is beautiful.
Well cherl here is agreat park for u to seei ts in tampa heading interstate 4 thats west bound exit 14 there is a park called tampa east on mctoish rd it is great becuz all of the people there are older i mean 60 70 80 the park is like a vacation becuz the pool is 85 and the hot tub is104 but what is awesome is the atmosphere its like there is no onethere to bitch at u for anything the owner must be to busy counting his money as it has a large amout of space to accomadate all sizes of pull along and rv. i wanted to share this with u becuz u seem to be a nice person and i guarrentee this park is well worth the 600-800month i found it during the tampa state fair while my friends were paying 90 night for some hole in the wall i brought my rv to this place and for the 200 for the weeki spent i was in the hot tub ever morning before work and every night arounf midnight i even got a grill on the pool deck and had steaks and lobster the people leaveu alone even if u passing through dont miss this park take care james
Maybe sometime in future we'll check it out. Right now, in our early 40's, we still have to do the ugly w (work) word and only get 3 weeks to travel plus the occasional long weekend. We have been to Florida numerous times - my mom lives down there. Now, since she comes up here every summer for a couple of weeks (stays with us) we plan on exploring the west for the next several summers.
Cheryl Fuller
brahler2005, welcome to the site. The best park we have stayed at is in Sheridan, Wyoming and is called Indian Campground or something like that. Got almost all 9's and 10's in the review section here. We are fairly new to rv'ing as we bought our first rig about a yr. and a half ago. Like the other Cheryl, being in our 40's, we have work constraints so only get the 3 weeks a yr. to travel and the occassional long weekend. Actually, I am retired but hubby isn't yet. I love Florida, although we haven't gone there in the motorhome yet as it a long haul across the country, but when we do, we will check out your recommendation. Well, just wanted to say welcome.
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