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Everafter Camper

OK, I'm asking. tongue.gif Any suggestions where we can find a nice campground near east or west coast close to saltwater for fishing? We are from the Central FL region and we just have a weekend so didn't want to go too far. Was looking at Titusville as an option Seasons in the Sun maybe? My husband and I both work and have a child. We really love camping and have a trip planned for Rock Crusher Canyon in the Spring but I have the camping bug and need to get out before then. I really love this stuff. Thank you to all who respond or just peeking. Have a great day! biggrin.gif
Everafter Camper
Anyone camp at Jetty Park/ Cape Canaveral FL or Manatee Hammock Park, FL? Manatee Hammock has a space available but they say is pretty tight fit. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. smile.gif
Sorry I haven't been to any of those places. Give it a few days, you'll get some responses. I'm guessing John Blue will be able to help as soon as he gets on.
Everafter Camper
Thank you Cheryl biggrin.gif

Just booked for the weekend of 2/17/06 - 2/19/06 at Forest Village in Cocoa, no one else had any availability in the area. Just found out the Daytona 500 is that weekend, but we will be salt-water fishing if whether permits. Hopefully they have a fishing pier nearby. Kathleen at the campground office was very nice and sounds like a nice quiet park. Looking forward to it. Hopefully I made a good choice with Rock Crusher Canyon as well that I booked for 1 week in March. Camping is really giving me time with my family and has a wonderfully calming effect on all of us. Thank you again for your suggestions. Love this camping forum.
We spent a week at Navarre Beach Campground about a year ago and it was nice. Actually, we camped there and then crossed over to Santa Rosa Island to the state park and spent our days there. It was like having our own private island. Bridge is only about 1/2 mile away and bike trails go all the way to Pensacola. I know there was some hurricane damage this summer, so you may want to call ahead.
Everafter Camper
Thank you, I have heard this is a nice campground in Navarre. Their website is impressive as well. Looking forward to it. I'm having reservations about Forest Village in Cocoa, but the lady is very nice. Quiet hours are from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am and no fireplace allowed. Oh, well, hopefully it will be a nice experience, we are only really going for 1 day and 2 nights and most of the time will be fishing or venturing to Kennedy Space Center. My son loves science and math, so he is looking forward to seeing the Space Center. Thank you for the info on Navarre Beach I have heard many good things about this campground from other campers we have met on our trips. Must go visit soon. Told my hubby don't worry about jewelry for Valentines..... just take me camping. He likes that. rolleyes.gif
Ft. Desoto, County Campground at St. Petersburg is nice and on the water. Here is a website Ft. Desoto Campground

John Blue
I would look at The Great Outdoors RV Nature & Golf Resort in Titusville. This place is great for a short time or a life time. Park has 1500 sites and very nice. TL rating of 10/10*/10 is hard to get and they have had this a long time now. We go over every time we can find the time. Check it out!
Everafter Camper
Yes, we checked out Fort Desoto it seems completely booked thru May. Many of our friends say its beautiful. I want to go during the summer but alas our trailer needs to go back to the manufacturer due to a bubble on the side of the fiberglass. Rats! Won't get trailer back till mid June. Definitely will also try the Great Outdoors, very nice and not too far from home. Well, we will be leaving today for Forest Village in Cocoa, FL. Hopefully the traffic will not be too bad. Daytona 500 Race. We are just going for fishing, camping and family time. I'm Definitely ready for some R&R. Thank you both for the info and have a wonderful weekend. Will let you know how the trip and park was when I get back. Take Care. smile.gif
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