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Full Version: Mission Bay Rv Park
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Has anyone stayed at the Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego? This park is in the Mission Park area, and is the revamped, and re-opened DeAnza Cove RV Park. I frequently check the reviews, and have not seen any postings - only reopened last July. My bride has a conference at one of the hotels this spring, and I have made reservations at the "new" RV park.
Word from one of the other forums is that the old park, which is owned by the city and run by a concessionaire, was really bad - drugs, thievery, etc. The website (don't we all trust all the websites?) now has a two page list of rules, which are OK by me. They also list key card access at the gate with security guards. Starting to sound scary - what have I gotten myself in to?
People at reservations are really nice and helpful... just wondered if anyone has any experience there, but hasn't had time to post.
John Blue
We were in San Diego couple months ago in motel/car no MH. We checks out San Diego and we went up to Mission Bay. Two parks were around the bay. We did not drive inside RV park but you could see they were very nice. Mission Bay is a beautiful place to visit. I think you would enjoy the place as much as we did. We plan to return this year in Dec. to see more of the place. Go and have a good time.
Thanks for the update John Blue. Much appreciated. Hope you make it back to the left coast and drop some more of those tourist dollars... smile.gif
We'll try to reciprocate.
John Blue
We are happy to help CA out and pump some more dollars into state. We love the place, so nice to look at and people were so happy in San Diego. Food was great and Hotel Coronado was a site to see. We will be stopping off again on way back from Maui in Nov. We also have a ship cruise from San Diego to FL planned in Feb. 07. One more time to visit city before ship pulls out.
Hi there,

I'm a brand-new newbie to this list, just joined. We stayed at the revamped Mission Bay RV park three times last summer and had a great time! It's basically a large paved lot, not much grass. There are some really nice tall mature trees in the center rows. There are grass strips between the rows of motor homes. We stayed there on the opening weekend (4th of July) and didn't see any problems. No need to worry about safety other than common sense; it is NOT in a "bad" area. Be sure to bring your bikes, there are sidewalks to ride on along the water. If you have a boat, the launch is right here at the RV park. Since we live in San Diego we like to go for three or four days at a time for a quick get-away. We are planning on several times out beginning next month! Go and have a relaxing time. One more thing, last year they did not have picnic tables or fire rings at any of the spaces. BTW I just found out they are on the Passport America list. Two nights there and it's paid for biggrin.gif
thanks for posting a reply! It is what makes this site the resource that it is - some concrete advice from those that have "been there and done that".
I really appreciate the feedback, and look forward to our visit.
We just stayed at Mission Bay RV Resort. Ok for adults that want to bike along the bay. Sites are paved and flat. This isn't a place for kids unless other kids are there, no real swimming beach (like Campland) and no pool. Also, no store. Less expensive than Campland, but not nearly as good for kids.
Don't know anything about Mission Bay RV Park, but if you can, I would highly recommend spending a night or two at Chula Vista RV Resort which is on the south end of San Diego Bay. If you were searching for the various RV parks around San Diego, besides the huge Campland...this is worth your consideration! It's the perfect spot if you plan a trip into Mexico. It's a great spot...there's a pier and marina right next door. Several good restaurants, live music. We went to the San Diego Zoo and it only took us about 10 minutes to get there. Love this RV park. Nice pool and some activities for young and old.
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