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Full Version: Good Sam Vip Coverage
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Sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search and didn't find exactly what I am looking for. I want to know if anybody has the Good Sam VIP coverage? Not the towing or discounts, but the actually collision, comprehensive, theft, etc. that you get with an insurance company like Nationwide or State Farms or Geico? How does it measure it up the other companies? Have you ever had to file a claim? Any other info and/or opinions you have will be appreciated.
John S.

We have it and it is actually GMAC who they contract it too. THey are top notch to deal with. They will give you replacement for a number of years as opposed to blue book if you are totally destroyed. We had one claim with them and they handled it better than expected though they did send the check to the company not to me. I had a long haired uninsured rasta haired drunk pull out infront of my motorome saying he thought I was further away. We totalled his car and had about 7k worth of damage.

They were great to deal with.
Do you have your other vehicles insured with them too?
Just a word of caution:
I had a policy with them and this is what happened:
I pulled into a Shell station and the low overhang hit my air conditioner/roof. (Man, will I ever not do that again, makes you feel REAL stupid!!!!)
Anyway, I call GMAC to see what my deductible was, and if something like this was covered (I couldn't remember).
They told me it was covered, but my deductible was 1000.00 and my estimate was approx. 1100.00 so I told them not to do anything, I would just take care of it.
A year or so later I bought a new truck and I heard from Geico that my information on my application was incorrect, that I had had an accident with GMAC. You can imagine my frustration. I contacted Geico and they told me an accident report had been filed through GMAC.
I contacted them and they said the agent who handled my case was no longer employed there (wonder and they would send a letter to me stating that there indeed had been no "at fault" accident. My question to them was, why do you file anything when I just inquired about a coverage/deductible issue and nothing was ever done. It is their decision to do that I was told.

Good luck and happy trails

(Sorry for the lengthy rant.....)
John S.
No I do not since Geico offers a 100,000 mile warranty for less than the dealer would charge and I put on miles so quickly. I ususally will put 100k on a truck in 2 to 3 years. so when all of the other vehicles are given that coverage I stay with Geico and use gmac for th eMH. THey had better coverage for the motorhome too.

As them reporting your accident. All insurance companies will report even inquiries about a claim as a claim. That is the drawback for the cheaper call in 1 800 companies instead of an independent agent. I know I don't call unless I am going to make a claim and I read the policy to see the deductible too. I had this happen on my homeowners once and I had problems finding a cheap insurance on the new home 3 years latter.

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