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Full Version: I Am So Anxious To Camp Again!!
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I am going nuts! Sitting here and waiting to go away. We live just outside of Boston. My hubby just retired and we are waiting to go away. Once the weather breaks....we're off and running! Wahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else waiting for the good weather?
We have started planning our camping season for 2006, and can not wait until April so that we can obtain our motor home from it's winter storage. We definitely understand your excitement in wanting to get going. You are not alone ! Good Luck.
Cheryl Fuller
Hubby tries to drive the motorhome once a month to keep everything charged up. We went to the storage lot today and picked it up and went for a 30 minute spin. Really made me wish we were hitting the road for real!!! Only 6 1/2 weeks and then we will be heading to San Antonio and Corpus Christi - I too, can't wait!!!
Sorry to get off the subject, but we just learned on Friday that our second grandchild is "in the oven". It was such a surprise, but one I am ecstatic about!!!
I hear you! We leave in 6 weeks and 2 days for our first really long trip with our trailer - heading to Florida. Can't wait to get out in the sun and warm weather! Our winter has been been rather mild for Ontario, but it's still cold and snowy, and when it's not cold and snowy, it's rainy, bleak and miserable. I'm really getting the camping itch.

Congrats on the new grandbaby Cheryl!
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks campingirl - we are really excited and happy about the impending arrival - although we will have to wait another 8 months. Have a wonderful time in Florida - that is absolutely one of my favorite places to go, but we have never been there in the motorhome. We take a cruise once a year and always sail from Florida, so usually fly in a few days early and stay an extra day or so afterwards.
I think we will have to wait until we have at least 3 weeks at one time to make that trip as it would be a good 4 days travel each way. And I want lots of time to travel around the state - so much to do and see!!!
Well, we've already had one long weekend, it was the weekend of the Super Bowl.

Weather's been cold and nasty for us here, so we haven't gone back out... lows in the upper 30's burr, burr, burr!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to put on a full regement of clothing just to walk the dog the first thing in the morning when I can just open the patio door to let her out at home on these frigid mornings. After all, campin's 'bout relaxin' rite?

This weekend the lows are supposed to be in the 50's, so we'll be headed back out! Yeah!

dog bone
i've had it too. took off to florida for presidents day weekend, to visit friends. 82 and sunny. got all siked for spring and camping again, came home to 10 degrees and more snow.
we were hoping for 55 degrees this weekend to go to the trailer for a night. only 6 degrees. we're staying home.

congratulations cheryl. my youngest daughter is due any day now.
Cheryl Fuller
Congrats to you too Dog Bone. Is this your first granchild? If so, you are in for the ride of your life. The litle guy is the greatest joy in our lives. We went to the RV Show yesterday - I found several that would fit the bill when it comes to upgrading btu hubby said it will be at least a year before he is ready to do so. I found one I loved that was reg. 369,000 and they were selling it during the show for $289,000. I was really pushing for him to go for that one, but he is obviously able to resist my charms. I brought the brochure home and will continue to leave it stratically placed around the house!!! I keep thinking how nice it would be to take off for San Antonio in 5 1/2 week in that baby.
dog bone
cheryl, this will be my third. one granddaughter and this will be my second grandson.
we were also looking at mh at the hersey, pa show. it was moved from harrisburg. they had some great deals. mama bear said no. she likes our cedar creek 5th wheel.
next weekend it looks like the temp's will get up in the mid to high 50's. might try again to get away. the seasonal site is only an hour away. bring our own water turn on the heat and see what happens. that is unless the blessed event happens.
Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder were all the RVers is?

Good Grief, Charlie Brown !
Spring may have sprung in the east, but here in the west, winter is still trying to hang on for a few more days/ grrr week.

Now where is that #@$%*! ground hog, just let me get a bead on him and it will be the last time he predicts winter is going to last this long.

Sorry, just have had it with Winter, I'm ready for a little spring weather.
Cheryl Fuller
Countin' down - 15 days until we leave for vacation. In a little over 2 weeks, I will be somewhere sunny and warm. Campingirl - I think we both head out about the same time. Enjoy your trip to Florida - I am sure I am going to have a great time on our trip to San Antonio, Corpus and Padre.
Butch, this RV'er is itching to get going! We're getting the new truck all ready to roll, and getting a few things fixed on the T - two weeks tomorrow we should be in Florida!

We're getting some beautiful sunny and warm weather right now, (relatively speaking - about 14 celsius) but I can guarantee we haven't seen the last of the white stuff. At this point, I'll take what I can get - knowing I'll soon be spending my days on the beach sure helps.

Enjoy your trip Cheryl!
Cheryl & Campinggirl1964,

We are envious of both of you ladies, wish we were getting ready to go somewhere. We can not get our motor home out of winter storage until April 15th, is at a county fairgrounds in a locked building. Two more weeks---can't wait ! We start our camping season the first weekend in May. Hoooray ! Safe travels
10 days and we are headed south for a week. I've been itching real bad to get going. Couldn't even make a weekend trip over the past 4 months with the wife and kids schedules and the little bit of work we had done on the motorhome.

I've been looking at last summers pictures but that is just making the itch worse. biggrin.gif
Cheryl Fuller
aMazin - glad you are going to finally be able to scratch that is exciting to be able to finally get back out there. We are at 9 days and counting and it just doesn't seem that it is going to get here soon enough for me!!!
It sounds like we're all suffering from cabin fever! I can't wait to get in our truck -one week from today - and get truckin' down the I75 to Florida. We hooked up yesterday to get the trailer in for a bit of servicing - today we drove to work in snow! People probably thought we were crazy!

Hope everyone who gets out soon enjoys their "first trek of the year"!

What is that??? O'yea it's that white stuff we did not receive much of this year. Thirty inches for the winter season, but I'm really not complaining, but the ski areas are !! O'well wait till next year as it is now time to go CAMPING !! I keep telling myself that, while we are waiting for warmer weather, yes it is, cabin fever. Goooood Grief !!!
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