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Motorhome Madness
This was sent to us from the Marketing Director for the Beachcomber Resort in Cape May, NJ
We will post it here and not with the reviews--Webmaster

Hello Everybody -
I just wanted to let you all know that I am forwarding a copy of this discussion board to the owner, Tom Brodesser. It has never been the intention of the Brodesser Family or Beachcomber Campground to provide such experiences to our guests and we heartily apologize. We appreciate your honest & direct evaluation. We are trying our best to keep improving the camping experience we provide, but find that sometimes, we need to re-evaluate and re-train our office staff with the basics before we can move on. This has now become one of our very top priorities. The Brodesser Family takes any and all comments very seriously, especially ones that show we need to improve. We are looking to correct this situation as soon as possible. We hope that you will give us another chance to exceed your expectations. Our roads, like most roads you will find in campgrounds, are lined with a local, easily-gotten commodity - clamshells. We have been using clamshells for years. Over the past couple years, due to dust complaints, we started to re-line with black crushed stone (paving is just incredibly too cost prohibitive, especially for the size of our campground!!). The crushed stone looks great and keeps the dust to a minimum. However, once we changed, we received so many complaints about how hard it is to walk on, ride bikes, etc - arghhh - you can never win sometimes!
Again, I apologize for the behavior of some of our staff members, and we are doing our best to correct the situation right now. We do have many employees here who take pride in their work as well as do our best to please our new guests and our returning guests who camp with us year after year. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to address your comments.
Thanks again and happy trails!
Allison Stewart
Director of Marketing, Groups, & Special Events
Beachcomber Camping Resort
I certainly hope that is true. I go there every year at 2 or 3 times because they have excellent facilities and a great location. However, I have been the witness to many a camper being treated rudely because they complained about something on their site or in their cabin. One time I even saw the clerk just be outright hostile when the camper stood her ground. The clerk called her manager and made the camper look like the bad guy. They really should train their staff better.

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