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Big Ben
As of March first pets will be allowed in Florida State Parks. Lets all make sure we don't give them reason to change back.
dog bone
we go camping in maryland, assateague is. the state park does not allow dogs, but if you go to the next driveway, the national park, you can have dogs. besides the obvious reason i don't know why. it's the same beach and island. the wild ponies make a bigger mess than any dog i've seen.

your right ben. some of the state parks are the greatest places to spend some time. if you own a dog, it would be a same to be not allowed to enjoy them because of a few lazy owners.
I live in Florida and camp in some Florida State parks. Florida State Parks have always allowed dogs in most, but not all , State Parks. You have to check each Park's website to find out whether a particular Park allows dogs.

My roommate and I officially reside in Ft Myers and often get to northern Florida to enjoy those parks but we get out of town for the snowbird season. We're currently hiking in the Southwest. My roomie is an over-sized cocker spaniel, Churchill.

I am absolutely appalled at the lack of manners of most dog owners these days; of course I've always believed that its the owners not the dogs who should be licensed.
John Blue

Well put!

I have to disagree with your statement about the poor behavior of "most" dog owners. It is our observation that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible people, with only a few being slobs. Let's not condemn the majority of good folks because of a few bad apples.
Cheryl Fuller
I have a question about campgrounds, such as national parks, that do not allow dogs. Bucky is a maltese, only 6 lbs. He is pad trained and rarely goes outside. Does that ban also apply to animals that are kept inside hte motorhome at all times. The only time he would go out was when we left, when we would carry him to the car.
Cheryl Fuller
It has been our personal experience that it depends upon the particular national park. Each one makes it own exceptions to the rules. The major item that we have found is that the main concern is dogs being left behind BARKING while there owners are gone.
We travel with a Papillon and a Pug.
National Parks do allow dogs in most campsites but not on National Park trails. I've been on the road pretty much full time since last July and on the move constantly since the 1st of the year. I move at least weekly so we see lots of places and other dogs.

Today , for instance my dog had diarrea because he ate something some bozo threw out on a hiking trail. { I'm so tired of picking up Red Bull cans} He's growled down pit bulls, alsatians and plenty of labs loose on trails contrary to National Forest , BLM or State leash regs. He's been bit on the feet by nasty little dogs whose owners are somehow surprised when the little yappy gets a very sore butt 'cause that's where Church bites 'em back. Thing that scares me most is when a bigger dog tries to mount mine 'cause he goes right for their throat. I do not allow my dog to attempt to mount other dogs-it's about domination and I strongly discourage all domination behavior.
Big Ben
Hi John, Welcome to the forum. Interesting reply. It always amazes me that the are so many complaints about dog poop, but no one mentions the water bottles, beer cans, pop cans, or misc. food wrappers. The wild life poop every where and no one has a problem with that or do they?
I think most people have a problem with the dog poop inside of the campground more than in the wilderness which is where you usually find wildlife poop. As to the litter, I have a big problem with that. If they would enforce the fines posted for littering and add mandatory hours of clean-up, I think we would have a lot less of that.
Cheryl, you are very correct, stiff fines for littering, I believe this is the answer. Parents should impress and teach they offspring that littering is unacceptable, and the parents should practice what they preach. Have witnessed, at times, children modeling their parents bad habit of littering. Having been a hiker, years ago, we always carried out our own trash, plus someone elses when the situation warranted. The forum sure has gotten it's share of postings, of late, that relate to the subject "dogs".
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