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Full Version: Building Rvparkreviews Awareness
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We are in the first week of a seven month trip and have started an interesting experiment. At each Park we visit, we print out all the reviews on that park from this site and share them with the owners of the park. Thus far, we've done this at four parks and have been pleasantly surprised at the reception and reaction. Two of the parks had never heard of RV Park Reviews, one park knew about the site and regularly visited it, and one park had heard of the site but had never visited it.

Most of these park owners were so "Trailer Life" and "Woodalls" oriented that they had not seriously considered the impact RV Park Reviews was having on their business. Two of the park owners asked me how they could advertise on the site.

I believe that, if all of us were to print out the reviews, and share them with park owners, we could greatly affect the impact this wonderful site has on the industry and, at the same time, educate park owners that no amount of advertising in Trailer Life or Woodalls can exceed the benefits of getting good reviews from actual guests.

We intend to keep doing this for the remainder of our seven month trip and will keep everyone posted.
That's a great idea Beastdriver. Who better for the owners to hear feedback from than their customers!

I'm envious that you've started out on a seven month RV trip! We head out in about 5 weeks for an 18 day excursion from southern Ontario to Florida - at least we're getting away for a bit.

I may take your advise and provide some copies of the reviews to the owners. It's good for them to see and it will provide this website with some publicity as well!

Have a great trip!
Big Ben
Good idea. We will give it a try.
John Blue
We also have talked to park owners over this site and as Beastdriver said most park owners have no information about this site. A small number look at it each week to see if things are alright. I think this will help open up some minds but do keep in mind some park owners do not care about anything. If we hear this comment them we write off that campground. This type of person and park will soon be history. I think it is a great plan!
John Blue, you raise another interesting point. If we talk to an owner about the reviews and they don't care, that's something that could be shared in the campground review or in the discussion forum. Chances are that if the owner doesn't care what their customers think the campground will likely show it - and as you say, if word gets out, it will eventually be history. I'd much rather take my business to a campground where the owners take pride in their park and care about the RV'ers.
I am conducting a one hour seminar tomorrow with seasonal rv owners regarding using the internet for a better camping experience.

RV Park Reviews is my first discussion site. is the second site is the third site is the fourth site

I have 2 pages of other sites that are recommended.

The park is in Florida and has many that were formerly at Encore!
John Blue
camping girl,

Look at Bellaire Woods Campground in Savannah. Park now missing from TL 2006 book. Read up on the nice people who own it (on this site) and ask do they care. RV people did a print out on comments and answer was "SO".
John Blue,

Those are by far the worst reviews I've ever read. It's amazing that a place like that continues to be in business. I checked out their website and it makes their park look like a great place to go, so I guess unless people get an opportunity to read a review, they get to experience this place for themselves.

I'm sure that this park owner is the exception to the rule - most that I have met seem to take great pride in their park, and while they expect you to treat their park with respect and abide by their rules (as they should), they do it in a polite and friendly manner.

Makes me very grateful that I found this website shortly after we started RVing - it sure takes the surprise out of what you might really find at a campground.
John Blue
camping girl,

Look at White's City in NM. I see a new update was posted on 3/9/06. I wrote the first post on this place years ago and you can see park is the same to this date. The people who own it do not care. Also look at Theodore, AL (I-10 Kampground) I wrote that place up years ago and my now the place should be on the ground due to rot.

I was one of the first to write up Bellaire Woods years ago. Web site looked good years ago but one night in park and to have owners act like we were some dog meat killed that place for me.

You can see that not all park owners care about the campgrounds but as I said they will soon be history.

Pays to check this site before you pick a campground and hope someone has been in before you.
biggrin.gif I think Beastdriver has a good idea. I am a devotee of this site. Each week I try to get a person that is unaware of this site to post his experience here, or just check in and see what has been said on a place he might wish to go. Some of the forums do not like to have me cross reference to this site, they would like to build their own. That's fine do both of them. If we can all get some one to come here, we all benefit immensely. Sooner of later the c/g owners will have to care about what is said here. I think most do now, but it is a commercial world.
"Homer....Thnx for the heads up on McDonough. Don't think we'll be going to that one. Also found the web site.....rvparkreviews....a great web sit!!!!!"

Here is an example of a satisfied referral to this web site. Homer
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