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Full Version: Rv Parks Near Duke University
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We will be attending the Duke University graduation ceremonies in mid May. I have looked at the reviews on this site and others and have looked in all the usual directories, but I am having trouble finding an RV park in the area. We do not need a big RV resort (or even a pool), but we would like for the park to be safe, clean, attractive and able to accommodate a 37 motor home with toad. We need electric and water, but can get by without sewer. We would also like clean shower facilities. We have heard not to stay at Birchwood in Durham, but does anyone know about a place called Spring Hill RV Park in Chapel Hill. The reviews I found were good, but they were from awhile back. We have also heard about the KOA in Smithfield, RVacation in Selma, and the KOA in Enfield. Does anyone have first hand knowledge about them? They all sound decent, but they are a little farther away than we would like. What about the state parks in the area? Any information about where to stay would be appreciated.
John Blue

This is a tough place to find a campground. No State Parks that we know of. I would take the Chapel Hill park to save the driving and gas. Chapel Hill is a very nice town and Duke is 15 to 20 mins away. In a class A we can park anyplace for couple days and be happy. It will be better than Quartzsite any day.
Thank you for your help. You're right, the Spring Hill park would be the most convenient by far. However, the last personal review I found was from a year ago, and it said the park was really a mobile home park with a few overnight spots. Also we aren't sure they have showers as they are not listed in the TL directory. Guess I should give them a call before we decide to stay there. Thanks again.
wandering palms
You might want to look at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, its about a 30 minute drive from the campus. We have stayed there twice, they have 300 full hook up sites (30 amp), no bathhouse or anything else but 24 hr security patrol that comes by a minimum of every hour.
Located at 1025 Blue Ridge Blvd,(on the far westside of Raleigh) Phone # 919 821 7400, $15/night.
If you stop in the office most of the time they will call a Sec. officer to lead you back to the camping area (Sec. Officers handle all the registrations and payments) or just drive back to the far westside of the grounds they have some nice grassy sites with a few trees.
Two of the Sec Off. are campers and they will make sure that you're well taken care of.
Closed during the State Fair in October.
Thanks Wandering Palms for your suggestion. I did not know there was a campground at the state fair grounds. We will keep it in mind. However, right now we are holding out for the park in Chapel Hill. I called and spoke to a very nice man at the park. He said they were full on the graduation weekend, but he would let me know if something opens up. We are keeping our fingers crossed. If that doesn't work out the fairgrounds sound like a good alternative. I also found out they have a great flea market there on the weekends, and we certainly couldn't pass that up.
Jordan Lake! It's COE, out a bit on the other side of CH towards Apex, but not a bad drive at all, considering how much nicer and safer it is. The place you mentioned in CH is a dump.
Jordan Lake has a wonderful view, and showers. No sewer hookup, but a dumpstation.
My husband and I did not discover Jordan Lake until senior year - had we found it before, we would never have graduated! We are DU/Trinity 89 & 91. Besst wishes!
Thanks Solafidefarms for the information. I checked the web site you listed and the lake does sound nice. The only problem is the man at Spring Hill in CH called back last week and said he had a spot for us, so I took it. But now you have me worried. Just how bad is the park? Have you seen it recently? I found a review on another web site that was a year old, but the reviewer really liked the park. He said that it was pretty and quiet and safe. He did mention lots of long term residents but said their places were kept up. We will travel through the area before we actually stay there, so maybe I need to drive by and check it out. I guess if its too bad we can still go to Jordan Lake. It doesn't look like a bad drive at all. Thanks again. You've started me thinking.
Try Falls Lake, it is north of Durham, kind of between Durham and Raleigh. Very nice park with lots of room for a big RV. My parents have a 34' motorhome and have stayed there a few times while visiting. It has nice showers and a dump station, as well as rec areas, like the lake for fishing, etc.
I really appreciate your suggestion of Falls Lake. There is no doubt that the state parks would be a great place to stay. They are beautiful, have the amenities we need, are not too far from Durham, and are the right price. However, in looking at the web sites I noticed that their gates close at 9 pm during May. We are sure that the graduation parties that we will be attending will go later than that. (Although that is way past these old folks' bedtime.) So again thank you, but the state parks may not be the best choice this time.
I can cofirm the comments on Birchwood.

Have stayed at Poplar Point at Jordan Lake also, and found it to be a great place to camp. Regarding the early closing time in NC state parks: I talked to the very nice lady ranger at Poplar Point, and she gave me the gate combination for late arrival. You might try next time. (This is standard procedure in FL state parks.)
That would be great if we had a way to get in the park after 9 pm. I think I'll give them a call and see what I can find out. Thanks for the information.
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