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Full Version: Who Knows This Question?
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The question is (How much gas money is it going to be rough, Be leaving from daytona beach going to niland CALIFORNIA.) I would love to hear some of your gas amounts u think. The total number of miles is 2500 i have about a 30 gallon tank and get between 8-10 miles to the gallon. All answers respectively appreciated!!!!!! thank you brahler2005......
At 8 mpg you would need 312 gallons at $2.30 a gallon would cost $717 with a tank range of 240 miles.

At 10 mpg you would need 250 gallons at $2.30 a gallon would cost $575 with a tank range of 300 miles.
Now-- did that answer your question ?? Good Grief !
yes you were right on the money it costed $794 counting some food expense thankyou for your help!!! brahler 2005
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