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Full Version: Seeking Information.....
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We're planning a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN and the last time we were there in the early '80's we stayed at the Silver Dollar City Campground. I know Dollywood has long since taken over Silver Dollar City, but does anyone know if the campground is still in existence and running and if so do you know the name of it?

I got no where with visitor information for either Dollywood or Pigeon Forge...neither people had even heard of Silver Dollar City, LOL!!!

I'd appreciate any help, thanks!
I go there frequently do not re-call seeing a c/g by that name. Suggest you Google Pigeon Forge and follow the prompts on campgrounds. Hope this helps.
We have been to Dollywood once last year and have been to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO several times. If I may, Silver Dollar City in Branson MO. has its own camp grounds. Dolly Wood in Piegon Forge does not have a camp ground. The closest to DollyWood is a KOA $$. We have stayed at Claybough's $23.00 and Creek Side $20.00. From both campgrounds the trolly passes through and will take you to the joining section where all the trollys pass. The ride then to the front door of DollyWood is only .25 and well worth that do to door service. Have a GREAT time. I just cancelled due to the wifes medical mess unknown, can't find out, several doctor visits, they don't know, come back next week, pay me some more, vacation starting with the Nextel Cup races in Bristol TN and then we had reservrd 6 days at Piegon Forge.
Thank you both for your help and information!
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