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Full Version: Spring Time In Florida
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John Blue
Well it is "Spring Time" down here in Florida and before to long everyone will have warm weather. We have been in the high 80's over the past month now and trees have all new leafs. Time to check out the RV equipment and get ready to roll. We all have places to go and things to see. Need to meet new friends, find new places to eat, new places to tour, and have a great time on the road.

Remember to travel safety on the road and use this site to find great places to camp.
John S.
Hi John,

Cleaning out the FOretravel and will be purchasing another one in a couple weeks. I hope to put many more miles on this one as I did the last. We had 85 degrees last week but it is freezing now again. The season will start in earnest for us in 3 weeks so hope to see you all out there.

soon to be 2000 U320
Cheryl Fuller
It's a little hard to hear about your gorgeous weather when it is freezing here and we are expecting a major smowstorm to hit tomorrow and Monday. Just doesn't seem fair!!! Hubby brought the rv home from the storage lot today to change the oil and coolants - getting ready to head to San Antonio, then Corpus Christi in 3 1/2 weeks. With the weather we are having, he can't "unwinterize" it yet - probably won't be able to do that until the day before we leave or the morning of, as March and April are generally very snowy months for us. I am really looking forward to heading somewhere warm!!!
Ditto to Cheryl's comments! Where I live we've had snow off and on all weekend and it's very cold outside. We leave in 25 days to head down to Florida (not that I'm counting down the days or anything!). Just bought a new truck to tow the trailer so we're looking forward to that as well (esp. my sons, as it has a built in DVD player).

John S. where do you live that your weather changes so drastically? We did get as high as 15 celsius (not sure what that is in fahrenheit - I think maybe 60) a week or so ago - very unusual for us in early March - but the cold weather returned and continues!

John Blue - can't wait to get down to your neck of the woods and enjoy the 80 something weather.

Happy Trails everyone!
John Blue
John S,

I think the weather will be good to go in northern VA very soon. We plan to start travel on 4/10 to northern Pennsylvania (Grand Canyon) a short 3500 mile (10 state trip) and return home around 6/10. Next trip is to Italy & Sicily on 3/23, we return here couple days before we start north in MH.

Happy to see you will pick up a 2000 U320. That is a great coach and you will have no problems running up the miles. They drive better than a car. Good friends down in Sebring, FL have a 1999 U320 and love it.

Camping girl,

Come on down to the HOT fun and sun state and get out of that ice box you live in.
Did you pick out a place to visit down here yet?
Hi John;

My jealousy of you is endless - first, you live in Florida - now you tell us you are heading to Italy and Sicily. My dream vacation is Tuscany!

We will be staying at 5 different campgrounds while in Florida - our first stop is at Yellow Jacket in Old Town (you warned me that there is nothing to do there - however, there is a pool, fishing, etc.) - we're only there for two nights and I'm hoping it will be a nice relaxing start. Our second stop is for four nights at the campground at Fort De Soto Park - plan to spend a few days at North Beach. Then we're off to Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral - mostly because I discovered there is a rocket launch when we are there and this appeared to be one of the best places to view from. Then it's off to Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney - then, to recoup from the Disney experience, we'll spend 2 nights at the North Beach Camp Resort in St. Augustine. Then we head north - we get home on May 1st, so we should be starting to warm up - however, we've been known to have light snow on our Victoria Day long weekend (around May 18th)!

Have a wonderful trip to Italy!
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