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Full Version: Exhaust Brakes
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I was thinking of installing an exhaust brake on my f-350 6.0 liter powerstroke and I really do not know a lot about it and I wanted some information. Do the brakes wear out the engine? Does it affect the warranty? Is the difference it makes worth the extra money? I will check with ford and their warranty department for the particulars and with my mechanic but I just wanted some real-world opinions on it. The manufacturers, of course, only list the benefits of such a system. Any replies or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
John Blue
Our motorhome has one as most large diesel engines do. The hold back power is very good and at times it will slow you down to much. As you slow down in a diesel engine no fuel is added to engine and you have no heat due to this. The exhaust brakes will not damage the engine in anyway. You have a switch on dash that will turn system on and off. As soon as you remove your foot from accelerator system will kick in. The larger the engine the more hold back power you will have. This system will save your brakes in city traffic and down hill runs. Also less damage to transmissions. You will like it.
The only real down side to having a exhaust brake, is a lot of areas are adopting ordinance's against using them. Oregon for one, has a lot of areas (not just in towns/cities) posted NO ENGINE BRAKES, and they mean all types, oh yeah they do enforce it, I learned the expensive way.
As far as your warranty on your Ford, no problem, I had mine installed at the Ford dealership where I bought my truck new. I made it part of the package, No exhaust brake, No sale. They installed it and even made a note on the sales contract that it would not void the warranty.
I had an exhaust brake installed on my 2001 F-350 7.3L PSD. It made a world of difference when slowing down and descending hills. I ended up trading the Ford for a Chevy last summer. The Chevy has tow/haul mode which is is better than nothing but in my opinion is not as good as having an exhaust brake.
Thanks for the input, I will look into it further. It sounds like it would be a great thing to add to my truck. Thanks again.
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