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Full Version: Use Drano Or Liquid Plumber In Coach?
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The drain in our bathroom sink seems to get slower and slower. I have taken off the "u" connection under the sink and have cleaned it, and have cleaned the sink plunger, all to no avail. Has anyone used Liquid Plumber and/or Drano in the plumbing system of a motorhome? Any other product or procedure that anyone has tried that might help? Any suggestions? Thanks!
I'm not a fan of using Liquid Plumber/Drano in any system. It may work but I wonder about the rubber valve seals etc. down stream.
I have found using a "drain king" (that's the brand name) works excellent on RV systems. You insert the drain king into the clogged pipe, connect a garden hose and turn on the water. It will inflate to seal the pipe and then will send pulsating burst of water down the pipe to clear out the obstruction. They come in different sizes for different pipe size ranges. Cost about $10 +/- , available at most any big box or Ace hardware stores.
In using them I have found that they will even clean the soap scum build up out of the kitchen and bath sink lines, leaving the inside of pipe looking almost like new.
Hope this information helps a little.
Never heard of such a thing before. Greatly appreciate the info. Thanks.
For a picture and price of the drain cleaner go to and enter item #24344
Browzin: Neat! Thanks for your help. I plan to get one.
biggrin.gif Gee Beastdriver, we would never use any of those caustic drain cleaners in our rig because of the plumbing and holding tanks. Might suggest you pour lots of boiling water down drains and plunge if necessary. After breaking the plug, routine pouring of boiling water down all drains will help prevent this from occurring again as well as keep any odor down that might come up through the traps
Doug and Cassi
If you happen to leave your grey water open when hooked up for long periods, soap scum tends to build up.

Try the hot water first and if that doesn't work try filling the grey tank up all the way and then dumping it. Usually it's soap scum, grease, etc. that causes the slow drains. You might have to do it two or three times but you will be able to hear it from outside near the drain hose when it breaks the clog.

I'd ditto staying away from anything caustic. If it doesn't ruin your plumbing and the seals at shutoffs, most campgrounds won't love you if they are on septic.

Doug and Cassi
wandering palms
A couple of spoonfuls of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup or so of vinegar let it set for about an hour then flush with hot water. We do this once a month.
Wanderingpalms has an excellant suggestion. Also, only use a grease cutting dish detergent - like Dawn - when you wash dishes, etc. A grease cutting detergent will keep the lines from accumulating the grease that occurs but is out of sight when it starts accumulating. Just my POV. Thanks for listening.
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