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Full Version: Louisiana Rv Parks
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We are planning a trip to southern Louisiana next March to sample some of the Cajun food and lifestyle. biggrin.gif Anyone have any personal recomendations regarding RV parks for a week or two? We don't care too much about "fancy", but we like well kept, well maintained parks. Also, is the portion of the state around New Iberia, Houma, etc. in bad shape? We're not going to New Orleans, just through it to get to that area. Thanks.
wandering palms
Last I heard just about all the parks down that way are filled with workers trying to rebuild the area from Katrina. We normally spend March and April in that area, we called the campgrounds that we normally stay at and they said forget it for at least another year. Hopefully someone that has been through there can give you some first hand info.
My husband and I stayed in Lafayette at Bayou Wilderness. This park isn't all bad, I've seen better, but also have seen worse. There are some great restaurants in the area (I highly recommend the Blue Dog Cafe over on Pinhook) with so many different kinds of cuisine.

There were plenty of space available if you are looking for that area.
John Blue

All the parks in southern LA may be a wreck or full of workers at this time. Houma is a nice place to visit but only one or two parks in town. You may wish to look at Betty's RV Park over in Abbeville south of Lafayette. Betty is all Cajun and a lot of fun to be around. Her park had only light damage and she fixed it back up. She knows all the great places for Cajun food. Check out her park under La, Abbeville, Betty's RV Park this site and you will see lots of hits on her under comments.

The only hard part is to leave her park. Plan to spent a week and you may spent a month. She is a great person, also note park is small and she is full most of the time. Every time we go it is so hard to leave her park. Cajun people are some of the best people we have every been around in all our travel over the earth. About 85% of the people here use the French language everyday. Check it out!
Hello all.
My husband and I recently stayed in Scott, Louisiana at the KOA park for 5 months. The lower part of Louisiana you are speaking of is still under construction. If you are willing to stay north towards Lafayette, you should be A OK. There are several listed campgrounds that are still closed but some are starting to get up and running. You can visit, just be prepared that not EVERYTHING is accessible yet.
We also stayed at the Scott KOA because it was the most convenient for biz meetings we needed to attend in Lafayette. Campground is a typical old-fashioned KOA - very tight spots, some so close there was not room for our slideouts. We wound up at the end of a row and were advised to pull in our coach's outside mirrors to avoid people clipping them coming around the corner! We you arrive, shop the sites - some won;t work for bigger rigs (we did squeeze our 40 footer in).

Otherwise it was clean, staff courteous, and had the usual KOA amenities including pool and miniature golf. Lots of highway noise if you're near the front of the park - request something in the back if you want quiet.

Best part about Lafayette is the food. Ditto on the Blue Dog Cafe recco. Get the brie soup with mushrooms. Yessir! Go across the street from the campground next to McD's and visit Don's Meats for cracklin's (a few won't kill you) and boudin
(pronounced boo-DAN), a spicy sausage-like treat served hot or cold. Yes, we sinned plenty in Lafayette but it was fun. You'll enjoy it.
Ok, that is not true. Most of the parks are open. If you would like to stay at a very nice camp ground near New Orleans on the other side of the lake, Stay at Fairview Riverside in Madisonville. The old Otis House Plantation. We were there just two weeks ago. Had a great time. You can look under the reviews and find very good ratings. I live in Baton Rouge and there are only a few that are dedicated to FEMA trailers, and workers. Some of the campgrounds are still closed in some areas, but they are quickly opening as we speak. We are attending the Crawfish festival on May 5 in Breaux Bridge. And staying in one of the campgrounds dedicated to the area festivals. We are going to pass a good time.
QUOTE(paulbergeron @ Apr 20 2006, 10:46 AM)
Stay at Fairview Riverside in Madisonville.

That's where we stay when we head to NOLA every year. Very nice state park.
What kind of damage did FRSP get? About 1/2 mile west of the park, right after you cross the river, are/were a couple of great seafood restaurants. Can't remember their names. One on the north side of the road about 200 yds down and one on the south side of the road. Are those places still there?
Fairview did get some but they quickly rebuilt it. When you go down it looks if it had just opened. They have a new little nature trail. Everything was really nice and all the restaurants were opened. The other state park was still closed about 10 miles down the road, but it should be open by now.
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