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Full Version: Thousand Trail/Naco
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What has been your experience with TT/Naco park memberships? Are they worth the investment, and what are the member's experiences? We are considering buying a membership and would appreciate camper views. thanks Kd
My daughter and son-in-law have had one for years and only used it once. There experience was okay, but I sure see a lot of them for sale. I think I would buy one from individual, would probably get it at better price. Since they never use it and it has dues that have to be paid each year, they were thinking of giving it to us since we do more camping then they do, but have not heard anymore about it since the first mention. They might be trying to sell it instead. I would get several opinions before buying it.
We love our membership and the new experiences it has given us. We travel extensively, and now try to incorporate the TT preserves in our route. They are worth "off-roading"--they are not generally found along roadways. TT is a destination RV preserve network and is different that most of us think of or have experienced in commercial campgrounds. More like state and national parks with services!

I would be very careful about buying from TT--the sales presentation is extremely heavy-handed and somewhat unpleasant. Try for a resale but do the homework at a TT preserve and get a few days of free camping!
PS-TT memberships have some resale value but most people would not think of them as an investment--in my opinion, they are no more an investment than timeshare!
We became full timers in August and found we were spending too much $ on RV parks where we were going, we attended a TT Presentations in Paradise, WA. Found the park to be beautiful, friendly and inviting. There are a lot of activities planned, also entertainment in the evenings if you choose to attend. We joined and have not regretted it yet. We traveled up the Pacific coast and across Highway 2 to Michigan. We stayed mostly only at TT parks while in the northeast and used the RPI membership that came along with the TT membership across the country. We are in Texas now, where several parks are located and plan to head towards Florida for the holidays. TT are scarce in the middle of the country but along the coast, there are plenty, but if you include the RPI with your membership you will have no problems finding a spot for less unless you use the WalMart or Flying J's.

If we were not fulltime, I don't know if it would be worth the expense,but as a full timer, it's great!

We bought our TT/Naco membership last year on e-bay. We bought an $8000 membership for $1000. We still have the $400 annual fee, which matches the site/night rate in Los Angeles County, if we use it ten times per year. Our local preserve is not exceptional by any means, but we live only 20 miles from it, so it's a quick week-end get away.
We stayed one weekend at a thousand trials and we figured we could never use enough to get our money out of it.

for just for the price of the maintance fee you get 2 weeks of camping before.

I think the only way it would be good to have this membership is if you have one near your home so you could use the campground facilities such pool weight room and party room.

wink.gif BUY USED thats the way we bought ours and go for one that has frozen dues ours is frozen at 369.00 per yr payed 800.00 plus transfer fees for the membership if you get serious about purchasing one call Hal at Rec World Marketing 1-800-722-0686 he will fix you up with what you wont we bought ours from him and we are very satisified with his services.
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