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Full Version: Bypass Cincinnati?
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We'll soon be travelling down the I75 to Florida and we're looking for feedback to find out if it's best to just drive through Cincinnati on the I75, or to loop around using the I275. We'll probably be in that area between 9 and 10 on a Thursday morning.

I always take I-75 straight through Cincy. The I-275 is just too much out of the way. The only bypass I take on the way to Florida is at Macon, Georgia. I would rather pull over and eat and/or rest to adjust my time driving through than take a bypass (just my opinion). At 9:00 - 10:00 AM, you shouldn't have too much trouble going through Cincy.

Big Ben
If I remember right it is 22 extra miles to run the bypass and some extra hills to pull.
Thanks for the information RVman and Big Ben.

For Macon - do you take the 475 instead of the 75?
I agree, I grew up there and 275 is a long way around and I always went i-71 or i-75 stright thru.. if there is bad contruction then I would use the loop.. the times you say might get you between the rush..
Definetly go straight through Cincinnatti on I-75. The by-pass is being worked on almost constantly, it is 23 miles further in distance and in this day and age that is money in an RV. Best to avoid rush hour traffic if possible. Also Atlanta, straight through is the best route IMHO. Macon, take the by-pass it is a breeze. smile.gif
We always take the I-275 bypass. It cuts off a really long hill in Kentucky.

Yes take 475 around Macon... it's actually shorter. Sorry I was so late in replying, haven't ben on for a while. What part of Florida are you going? We make about 3 trips a year to Florida, my daughter and son-in-law live in Clearwater. We usually run down for 30 to 45 days in February and March, but then we stay in Ft. Myers Beach area.

We drove strait through on our way to Fla. You do get bogged down in the cut so if you have second thoughts about large hills 475 might be better.

I've taken 75 to the Norwood lateral to 71 S to 475. It seems like 475 has less traffic.
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