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Full Version: Cargo Carriers
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Does anyone know if there is a company that makes a cargo rack that attaches to the rear bumper of an rv. I have a travel trailer and I have motorcyle ramps (that I load my bike into my truck with) that I want to place on a rack behind my travel trailer. All the racks I can find only attach to a receiver hitch. I have seen bike racks that mount directly to the bumper but that is it. I have been searching for awhile and have not been able to find a carrier that attaches directly to the bumper and can also carry about 130 pounds. I would make one but, as I am on the road, I do not have the tools to do it, at least not to do it right. If anyone knows of a company that makes anything like a described please let me know. Thanks alot! Happy Camping! biggrin.gif

That is a lot of weight for a bumper, especially when you consider the “bouncing” effect back there while traveling.

Actually in the bed of your truck is probably the best way to carry a 165# bike. Otherwise you should weld or bolt a 2” receiver, then purchase a rack for your purpose, however I would check with the manufacturer of your TT to make sure it can handle that extra weight, including the receiver and rack? Also when you add that weight to the rear of your trailer, you will decrease the weight of your trailer on the hitch of your truck... which could compromise the handling of the rig.

In my opinion, I would stay with your truck bed…

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