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Full Version: Ft Pickins
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It is not fair to give a campground a thumbs down because they had the misfortune of being in the path of a deadly hurricane. A few days ago Ft Pickins was given a thumbs down rating.( shame on whoever did this, it is truly unfair ) I'm sure that all is being done to get it back up and running. It is truly a wonderful campground and did not deserve this. mad.gif
I thought the exact they had any control over hurricane damage. If the park was open, the "reviewer" would probably complain about every little thing if he/she stayed there....very unfair rating.
Did I miss something? I don't see a "Thumbs Down" on the review in FL. However, if the park is open and still has significant damage, perhaps a "Thumbs Down" is appropriate as they may not really be ready to reopen yet! That could serve as a useful warning to others to wait until the damage is fixed - assuming it relates to sites and facilities (and not just the scenery). JMHO

Was the rating removed? Maybe I was just looking in the wrong place and didn't see it.
The thumbs down is under Santa Rosa listing for Ft. Pickens. This campground also shows up under another location. It hasn't been open since Hurricane Ivan devastated the entire island. There was an immediate attempt to start reconstruction the first year and another hurricane destroyed the new road that had just been laid.

We have fond memories of this beautiful gem.

I agree the thumbs down should be gone and a simple message that it is closed until further notice should help campers who don't know it isn't open anymore.
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