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Full Version: Problem Submitting Reviews
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Kevin & Terri C.
I apologize since I know this has been asked/discussed before, but I've tried dozens of times & still can't submit a review. I've read through the webmaster directions, member suggestions, and even did a *search* in hopes of finding an answer.

Logging into the forum, there's no problem... but the *submit review* screen [same user name & password] reverts to blank, every time. I've checked cookies, checked security level, cleared cookies, cleared history...... so, what have I missed?? My computer-whiz teenagers are grown & gone unsure.gif so I'm asking for some help. Thanks in advance! PS, I'm using IE. Terri C.
Big Ben
I have had the same problem for over a month now. Have notified the administration with out help so I gave up.
HI Terri and welcome

I cant tell you why your having problems I posted a review last week and had no problems. Maybe you need to contact the administrator , maybe he can help. It sounds like you have tried everything. By no means I'm not a computer geek LOL . Good luck smile.gif I can tell you it does take a day or to to see the posts. I'm not sure why but thats what happened the last time i posted.
Motorhome Madness
Terry, there was a problem with a character in your username when logging in to submit a review. We have just posted an update to the site, so you should be able to login an post a review now. Please let us know if you have any other problems.
Kevin & Terri C.
Thank You Big Ben, Meterman46, & the Webmaster for your replies.

Unfortunately, even with the site update, I still can't submit a review. If the problem is with my 'user name', is it possible for me to correct/change it?? Or would I need to UNsubscribe, REsubscribe & try again??

Thank you again, Terri C.
Kevin & Terri C.
It's finally working for me now biggrin.gif Yaayyy!! Glad to be able to add reviews.

Terri C.
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