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Full Version: How Is The Bar Harbor Koa In Maine?
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We have plans to visit Acadia Nat'l this August & have made reservations at the Bar Harbor KOA. If you've ever stayed &/or seen this cg, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Can you suggest another cg close to the park that has full hook-ups? cool.gif

Thanks! smile.gif
We stayed at this campground, a found it very nice.
They don't accept reservations though. Even thought the last review of this campground states otherwise, we were in a 36' 5th wheel with a slide out and didn't have any problems getting into or out of our site. We were not up front, but rather near the back edge of the trees, closer the the pool.
If you go on a whale watching cruise, be warned that they are NOT exaggerating when they say it gets cold - even in August. Wear long pants, take sweatshirts, and jackets - you won't be sorry.
We stayed at the Bar Harbor KOA two summers ago and they do except reservations. There is the Bar Harbor Campground also, do not get them confused with each other. The KOA was very nice and accomodating, if you can get a water front site go for it, they are absolutely beautiful at sunrise and sunset. On Sunday's you get a free paper delivered to your RV step. The campground workers were fantastic, we had a site with electric and water only when the grey water tank started overflowing. The workers were there with a honey dipper withing 15 minutes! We stayed a week and can still say it wasn't long enough and plan a return trip shortly. There is free busing that picks you up at the entrance of the KOA to take you in different areas of the island. And I agree with Cheryl, if you go whale watching bring long pants, sweatshirt and a windbreaker it gets cold out there even at the end of July.

Have fun!
Previously posted replies to Campin Ken, re: Acadia National Park, campgrounds and surrounding area information. Hope this past posting is of some help as to answering your inquiry.

QUOTE(Butch @ Feb 14 2006, 10:50 AM)

Have not been into the Bar Harbor KOA Campground since KOA purchased it a few years back. Had checked it out  when it was called Barcadia Campground and found the sites to be very close with little or no privacy. In the past, at low tide, and in the hot August sun, the mud flats adjacent to the cg had a very bad odor. Must admit that in recent years that problem has seemed to be somewhat diminished. The KOA is very expensive, busy, and you have to drive a number of miles to activities such as, Bar Harbor Village, the Acadia Nat'l Park, etc. Of course you will have drive to any activities that you may choose from any cg you may choose. NOTE: There are FREE buses that will transport you,and bike(s), if you so desire, from your campground to most of the activities on Mount Dessert Island.  This program has been in service for about the last six years. The purpose is to reduce the number of vehicles on the island in the Nat'l Park areas. The island is quite large, I would guess about 30+ miles long by 20+ miles wide.  The population on the island during July & August will increase from about 3500 off season, to over one million in season, thus the reason for the buses. Last year this same KOA has purchased another campground, fore-named Spruce Valley cg, further down the island, and I believe they have named it KOA Woods cg. These KOA cgs are corporate owned and operated. There are many campgrounds on the island and all depends on your needs as to location and amenities. Plenty to see and do in the area, would need weeks to see it all.  Sorry, I do not have any info on Cape Cod, but hope this information here gives you some insight of the area. Enjoy, Acadia  has so much to offer.

QUOTE(Butch @ Feb 15 2006, 04:53 PM)

  There are a number of campgrounds on and off the island. The Bar Harbor Campground is the closest to the village of Bar Harbor, and to the entrances to Acadia National Park. There is just one problem, they do not accept advance reservations, it is first come, first served, but they let you pick your site. Another  campground is Hadley's Point, but at Hadley Point the sites are pretty close together with little privacy. Please note: that there are two cgs on the island, and one off  that you should avoid at all costs. They are: Narrows Too Camping Resort in Trenton, and  The Narrows Camping Resort, just west of Bar Harbor. The off island one is named Patten Pond Campground. They should  be avoided. These three are owned by the same business and are not customer oriented, they are there just for your money. These campgrounds are all located on route 3, and route 1 enroute to Bar Harbor. Another off island campground, Hospitality Woods,  is at Ellsworth, and is located on route 1 and 3 before entering the city of Ellsworth. The campground is fairly new, (4th season), and have long pull through sites with 30/50 amp & full hookups, but has little else to offer, as you have extensive driving to any and all points of interest. During July & August the traffic in and around Ellsworth can be very heavy and time consuming. On the other side of Ellsworth, on route 3 going toward Bar Harbor, is another campground named Timberland. Around this campground there are numerous points of interest for kids of all ages. Mini golf,a water park, go-karts, and a paint ball course, but are all off island, close to, but off island.  At Bass Harbor, (on island), there is another campground, Bass Harbor Campground, but is a small older cg with full hookups,  and 30/50 amp, but off the beaten path on what they call, "the quiet side of the island". If a lay back type camping experience is for you, this may also fit your needs. Their rate per night is on the pricey side for the amenities offered, but is okay for a few days.  Ken and family, I hope this information has help somewhat. I feel that Bar Harbor campground, even if they do not take reservations, would more than likely be your best bet for your needs, because of it's location. Please look over all that's available to you, but above all, we hope you  enjoy your visit to Mount Dessert Island, and Acadia. We have been returning to this very same area, every year for the last fifteen years. It gets into your blood.

QUOTE(Butch @ Feb 16 2006, 09:01 AM)
Ken & Family,

  Ken, you are more than welcome. We are glad we could share our experiences of the area with you.  Most do not a lot enough time to really explore the area, and only scratch the surface. Like any other area there are tourist traps of every description. If you have the time, and is of your liking, most harbors on the island are working harbors and are interesting to visit. A few of interest are Northeast Harbor, Bass Harbor, Bar Harbor, and Southwest Harbor. Southwest Harbor holds the distinction of being the most expensive harbor, the reason being that "Hinckley Yachts" are built in Southwest and have at any one time, sixty to  hundred one million plus dollar yachts at anchor. Quite impressive.
If you have your bikes, there are miles of bike trails, and if hiking is your thing there are many trails and low altitude mountains to test your abilities from easy to not so easy. Maps are available for both. The food in the area is something else, fresh seafood abounds at every turn.  Restaurants from fancy to the not so fancy are located within the area. We personally hunt out the ones the locals use, and find they are definitely not fancy, but the food is good, and  priced fairly. The area has a lot to offer no matter what your interests maybe. Enjoy

QUOTE(Butch @ Feb 17 2006, 10:33 AM)
Ken just one more campground on the island. The name is: Smuggler's Den and is located at Southwest Harbor. We have stayed there, but was not one of our favorites. It is just okay. The free buses pickup at the campground, and we had a pull through site next to the entrance roadway. The roadway has speed bumps, one of which was opposite our site, and the buses squeak and  rattle as they proceed over them, and they run until around midnight.

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