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Full Version: We're Home!!!
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Cheryl Fuller
Vacation always ends too soon. We had a wonderful trip. We started out by going to San Antonio for 4 days. We stayed at the Blazing Star - EasyRider, I don't remember what site number you told me you were in, even though you said you would be gone for a couple of weeks starting the 14th, which is the day we arrived. I thought you said 416, but we went by there and there was several people, mother and young girl, outside so I assumed I had the wrong site as you said you would be gone. We were in 724. Anyway, my nephew is staying in Laredo on a job and has been down there heading up this project for about 2 yrs. We met him in Cotula on Easter and went to lunch and then into Mexico at Eagle Pass. Record temps in the 100's when we were in S.A. Tuesday, we headed on down to Corpus Christi. A little cooler there, only in the 90's. We went to the beach there and then on Weds., we drove down to Padre and went to the beach there. One beach we drove on, the car sunk in the sand as soon as we drove onto it. Buried it up to the frame. Several people came and tried to help dig out but it was impossible. Finally a guy came up in a truck who had some tow straps so he hooked onto us and pulled us back up onto the pavement. The water was cold initially, but once we got used to it, it was wonderful. On the way to Padre, we stopped in Port Aransas and had lunch at a very nice restaurant right on Fisherman's Wharf, where you could sit and watch the boats coming and going. I don't eat seafood, but hubby said it was very fresh and good. We had to take a very short ferry ride into Port Aransas - my first one. It really was a perfect day.
We had hoped to find some seashells as I am redecorating one of the guest bedrooms in our home in a beach theme but no luck. We ended up going to a shop and buying some shells and starfish. We have been all over the world and I truly think this was the best trip we have taken. This was the dog's first trip in the motorhome with us - talk about a pain in the butt!!! Every single morning, he woke me up with barking, which he never does at home. Even though he is pad trained, he peed on the carpet and once, he jumped up on the dash and pooped on it. He also chewed up my husband's new sunglasses, our TL directory, some woodwork and a whole box of kleenex. We are going to the west coast in about 8-9 weeks and I am really reconsidering whether to take him or not. But look at this face - how can I stay mad at him?? I missed reading all of your posts while we were gone. Well, just wanted to check in....
Welcome back Cheryl, glad you had a wonderful time. Hope all your trips are as wonderful.
Now for the poor dog, with a hair-do like that I don't blame him. LOL

Rather than leaving that cute dog at home next time, I think you should give it a reward for chewing up the TL Directory!
Cheryl Fuller
Beastdriver, I agree about the validity of TL's reviews - never count on them but it is handy to know where thhe parks are when you are on the road. I couldn't access this site for the reviews I trust because the Blazing Star charged $4 a day for wifi and hubby felt like that since we were paying $47 a day to park there, he was not going to pay additional for internet access when it should be included at that price. We had wifi in Corpus Christi but it was so slow, it literally took 15-30 minutes to open each email or website. I wasn't too mad at Bucky for chewing up the directory but chewing up some of the woodwork did tick me off a little!!!! Browzin - I had to show hubby your post - he and the boys are always getting onto me for putting Bucky's hair up in a ponytail but if I don't, he can't see where he is going. Maybe he couldn't have seen the things he found to chew up in the motorhome if I had left his hair down.
John S.
Welcome back home. We3 travel with twon new pups now. The old puppy who died an dthe one that is still alive were perfect travelers and the new ones are a bit of a problem so we brought a crate and seat belt them to their regular harnes as we do in the car. No accidents and no problems.
Welcome back Cheryl! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip… I can see that would upset you the chewing, maybe rather than leaving the dog at home, put him in a crate when left alone in the Motorhome? Just a thought…

Welcome home, glad you had a good time, was watching the weather for Texas, and was HOT. Some change from the temps at home. Again, welcome home.
Cheryl Fuller
Being you posted the picture of your poor dog with a very very bad hair day, I thought I would post a picture of our dog having a bad hair day just to make yours feel better.

IPB Image
Cheryl Fuller
Browzin, wow - I have never seen a dog like that. What kind is it? It looks like you painted it. By the way, that really wasn't a bad hair day for Bucky - he looks like that all the time!!!
Cheryl Fuller

With every thing else being imported from China, everyone has forgotten about the #1 export from China in the late 70's.
" Chinese Shar-Pei "
There are three coat varieties: horse-coat and brush-coat and a rare bear-coat, which is not recognized by the AKC. There is also a lowered, spotted, and a parti colored Shar-Pei coat, which is a disqualifying fault in the show ring according to AKC standard.

As far as being painted well close, all you need is One dog and One bored teenage Granddaughter and you can see the results.
Cheryl, glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation (with exception of puppy problems). The advise you've been given about crating Bucky is probably worth trying. We have a five year old lhasa apso/poodle we recently started putting him in his crate every night because he'd have us up a few times (he's nosy and just had to see what was going on in the backyard) - now he goes to bed when we do, and he stays in his crate until we get up and let him up. He actually seems to be happier in there than when he's free to roam - if we're going to be out of the house for more than a couple of hours, we will put him in his crate.

We just got home last night and had a fabulous holiday. The weather in Florida was hot and dry (great for us, but not for the locals - they are hoping for rain). It's back to work tomorrow - now I just have to dream about my next trip, and use this site to make my plans. I don't think I stayed anywhere that didn't have a review on this site, and they were all pretty good. Now I need to spend some time inputting my own reviews.

Browzin - you've got me really confused - what kind of dog do you really have, and what does it really look like?

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