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Full Version: 5th Wheel King Pin
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I am a real newbie here. Just returned from our weekend "Shakedown Cruise." I am getting some squeeking noise from the hitch and noticed the front of the king pin in now bare of previous black color. I know some friction is to be expected just don't know how much.

I have installed a teflon friction plate so that I can avoid greasing the top of the hitch.

Am I on the right track?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the site, I'm sure you will get lots of answers soon.
I, however, have a question completely off the subject. Would you mind telling me what kind of dog is that in your picture?
An old, grey in the snout, Golden Retriever
That's what I thought. Our new puppy looks a lot like him. Only hitch? Our puppy is supposed to be a yellow lab mix. Supposedly his mother is full yellow lab and daddy is full black lab. Not that we care, we love him anyway.

When we were pulling our 5th wheels, I did lightly grease the King Pin and the internal parts within the hitch. As we also used a teflon lube plate the saddle was not greased. You more than likely will have opinions from others wether to lube or not to lube, but in the end, it will be your choice, whatever works for you. Safe travels.

I am an old Golden Lover and have had Goldens for over 25 years. Based on the picture and the hair on your puppies ears, he's at least a GOLDEN mix. If he were primarily Lab the hair on his ears would be shorter. Good luck with him. Golden are lovely animals; intelligent, loving, friendly and affectionate. I envy you your future with this handsome guy.

He is about 4 1/2 months old now. We got him at 7 weeks. He was house-broken in one week (we have a fenced-in backyard and a doggie door, which I think helped a lot). Other than the constant wanting to chew everything but the furniture, he is a great dog.
Make sure he has plenty of things of his OWN to chew on. When he starts on the wrong thing, remove it and replace it with HIS item. Goldens like people and often donating something you have worn to his collection will divert him from the destructive things.

Our Sebastian had his own "blankie", actually an old set of sweat pants, that was his. Once he outgrew his chewing stage he just carried it around and took it to bed with him.

Sometimes destructive chewing can be a sign of boredom. Make sure he gets lots of exercise at this age. Training him to fetch a ball can give him lots of exercise with minimal effort on your part. smile.gif
A tired dog is a happy, content dog. wink.gif

Feel free to drop me a note on any subject you wish.

He has lots of playthings and loves to play fletch. He takes everything outside. The worse thing is, he wants to play with our little chihuahua/daschund mix by biting her. She doesn't particular like that! The vet says he is teething and should stop wanting to chew everything as soon as his adult teeth come in. I have noticed that lately he isn't as bad. I try to walk them (we have a black lab too) daily. We're a real sight, me, the 2 bigger dogs on leashes, and the little one under my feet! wacko.gif
I wouldn't worry too much about the puppy attacking the little one. It's puppy play and eventually the pack will sort out the pecking order. When that is accomplished they will settle down. It is likely that the Golden will not turn out to be "Pack Leader" because of their natural personality. Just make sure that YOU are the pack leader. wink.gif
PS: To all those that offered advice on my king pin issue. I used a bit of axle grease on both the king pin and the hitch and it's quiet as can be.

Thanks to you all.
I didn't mean that the puppy (Hemi) attacks the little dog, you can see that he is just trying to play with her. The little dog is just afraid of EVERYTHING and Hemi is just to rough for her. He knows who is boss already... that would be me. I love the reception I get when I get home from work (sorry, I know that is a bad word), 3 dogs acting as if I am the most important thing in the universe. Where else do you find that kind of unconditional love.
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