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Full Version: Dog-free Campgrounds
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We are seeking a list of campgrounds (all of U.S.) that do not allow dogs. Anyone out there able to help us? unsure.gif
Captain Larry
We are similarly looking for campgrounds that do not allow children.
gerry ann
sad.gif how very sad you are.
I think that I can understand where both of these people are coming from.
There are times when I'm camping that I wish that dogs weren't allowed,but that's usually when something out of the norm has happened,such as a noisy animal,unpicked up poop,a dangerous animal,etc.
Same thing when there has been a problem with an individual child or group of children.
I will say that,usually it is because of a lack of control exhibited by their owners or parents. So maybe these people should really be looking for parks that don't allow parents or owners and then the kids and/or pets will be easier to get along with.... rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Heck, I've camped a few places where I wish the dog...or kid...would take the parent home! LOL.... It all comes down to a lack of respect for people. Whether it's unsupervised children getting out of hand, barking dogs, people not picking up after their dogs, loud music, drunks, etc....
We are looking for a campground that doesn't allow people who don't allow dogs.
I understand, The above person has the right to ask about campgrounds without dogs or kids.
they didnt ask for your opinion just simply if anyone knew of campgrounds.
I am looking for a campground that doesnt allow rednecks,in 1966 pop ups,with huge LPs tank sitting outside the door. and junk all around the site.
Motorhome Madness
Since this topic appears to be going nowhere it is now closed sad.gif
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