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Cheryl Fuller
As Butch stated, the movie got bad reviews in his newspaper, and it only got a 2 out of 5 by the Denver Post. We just returned from seeing it, and I honestly do not understand the bad reviews. Maybe it is because I am an rv'er so I might have seen humor in it that others did not, but it has been a long time since I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes, as I did during several scenes. It wasn't just me, the theater was rolling with laughter - must have been a lot of rv'ers in the crowd. I strongly recommend seeing this one!!!

Thanks for the "thumbs up" on this movie... I plan on seeing soon...


Thanks for your review, maybe we could get you David Germain's job reviewing for Associated Press. Seriously this movie will play to a group that has knowledge and experiences in the RV world, and will see the humor in it. I think we all could use a little humor in our lives. The monies grossed, upon it's opening, shows that the public saw something that interested them enough to go. Good for us. Thank you.
We saw it last Sunday and it was hilarious! I too laughed until I cried - yes we were laughing at ourselves... been there done that! Big thumbs up!

I don't understand the bad reviews, either.

My whole family loved it. It's the most I've laughed at a movie in years and it seemed like everyone in the theatre loved it. First thing my 7 year old said when we left was, "we HAVE to get the DVD."
Cheryl Fuller
I agree with your 7 yr. old - I told my husband that when it comes out on DVD, it will definitely be a part of our collection. It is one I would sit thru again.
Big Ben
We seen the movie this past week and thought it very funny. Seems like most of the audience did also. We are staying in Boulder City NV right now, and it seems as if there were a high percentage of RVers in the theater.
Saw it last night and it was very funny - especially that I'm a full timer. Highly recommended.
We saw the movie over the weekend. It was funny but my wife and I came up with a lot more funny stuff that could have been included.

Maybe RVII will cover more items. Maybe this will be the next "Vacation" movie series.
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