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Full Version: should I buy a membership TTL/Naco
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I dont know I read some pretty bad things about the Thousand Trails from the yahoo user groups from Thousands trails.
any Ideas?
We LOVE our membership and try always to incorporate the Thousand Trails preserves in our travels. They are totally different than what you usually find along roadways. They are a true destination RV experience. They are not the most modern or updated but can't be beat for sheer nature's beauty! Thousand Trails is usually superior in most respects to the NACO's. We certainly have things we do not like about the company and/or individual campgrounds, but we are glad we purchased and it has had a definate impact (positive) on the way we travel.

I would suggest that you either stand VERY fast in a sales presentation as the memberships are buyable at amounts far below what they want, or buy resale.
One problem that I have heard is that you are stuck with the annual maintenance/dues forever, unless you sell. You can't just walk away from it. As was stated when they want $3000.00 new and people are selling for $345.00, something smells rotten.
John Blue

We spend three days in Thousands Trails at Clermont, Fl. This was a very old run down park. TT has spend some money to up-grade some sites close to club house, the rest are run down. I would rate this place at a (6). Sales people said they plan to up-grade more sites in future. TT has been here for years and work not done yet. Sales were not happy that we could pay $8.00 per night to stay in COE parks. In lots of Nat. Parks it is free and you have thousands of acres of land to look at.

Look at back pages of TL and FMCA and you will see a lot of people who wish to sell or in some cases move this cost over to you. What is wrong here?

If you only travel from home to a TT park and back home this may work. We travel to see the USA not parks. We plan out places to go see and then find parks close by. We talked to RV people at TT who own a TT plan, this was the only place they had looked at, how sad! Great places about ten mlies away and people did not know about them.

It will pay off to do the home work and see what this system will cost you over the years before you pay TT for a membership.
biggrin.gif We bought our TTN from a campgroud membership outlet Rec World Marketing (Hal) pd 800.00 plus transfer fees frozen dues 360.00 per year LOVE IT well worth it of course i complain some until i go into a commerical campground and pay 25.00 and up per night and they are not as near as nice as ttn feel like you have neen screwed a lot of times.If you decide to buy BUY USED never pay full price always someone needing to get rid of thiers for some reason are another.As far as the campground in Cleremont Fl we love that one It has 2 large pools,large hot tub big club house and wonderful people.We have visited this preserve twice and they have lots of activites going on the sites in front are nicer than the back ones but if you go to the back its more private more room in your site this is a favorite preserve of the ttn members.This is one of thier high use preserves.If you get serious call Hal (above) he will fix you up we got our TTN,C2C,AOR ETC from him and we are very pleased with his service
Forgot to put Hals # in above reply sorry its 1-800-722-0686
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