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My family and I as well as my neighbors are looking at camping in a pop-up and tent for the 4th of July weekend at Cherrystone. There are so many mixed reviews... Since we are in a pop-up and in a tent, I really need to know if the bathhouses are CLEAN, and if the noise level at night is tolerable/family oriented. We stayed a few years ago at the KOA in VA Beach as well as the Trav-L-Park in VA Beach and found both of them non-returnable. Please let me know if you have stayed at Cherrystone recently, and what your thoughts are! Many thanks!
Dean and Darrell
We stayed there Memorial Day weekend, we had a wonderful time. The only thing for me was that there were so many children on bikes, some with their parents and the parents weren't paying attention to them, they would come flying out from in between buildings into the streets. I didn't go to the bathhouse but once and it was clean for so many people there.
Have fun. It is a huge park so be prepared to walk a lot.
We stayed there weekend before Memorial Day and had a BLAST ! Tons to do there, had no trouble and management was very respectful to us.
I was really shocked to read these mixed reviews as we had a great time and would definitly go there again !
On September 1st. 2009, my wife and I were driving from NC to Delaware and decided to stop and see Cherrystone again. We spent much time at this campground during the 80's and really enjoyed it. We have since retired and purchased a large 5th. Wheel and wanted to see Cherrystone and make future reservations. We were in our car and I went into the office was greeted harshly by the clerk. When I advised that we would like to tour the campground and possibly make reservations the clerk said "that would be $20.00, but you will get it back when you leave, as long as it's less than 30 minutes". I took the $20.00 out of my pocket and the clerk added "You are not to get out of your car for any reason while you are here". That's when I put my money back in my pocket and told the clerk "I'll see you never."

My wife and I have been camping for 2 weeks each month from April through October for the last 3 years. Cherrystone is a leisurely 3 hour ride from our home in Delaware but we will never come here as long as the current management and attitude remains in place.

I don't blame you for being upset, If I was greeted the same way I wouldn't want to return also.
Sounds like that clerk had lost touch on what custom service is.


We haven't been there recently but when we were there in 04 we didn't notice any problems with customer service and everyone seemed very respectful of each other. We absolutely loved the campground...we had a blast between the crabbing,charter fishing, pools and all the other amenities. All our camping trips have been measured to Cherrystone. Gets awfully hot in might need A/C.

oops...almost forgot to mention, bathrooms/showers clean

Check the reviews on Cherrystone, you are not alone. I too will never be back there. 1st time shame on them, 2nd time shame on me. If you are ever in that area, there is a very nice VA state park, Kiptopeke just a couple miles south on 13.
Scottish Terrier
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This use to be one of our favorites to go in spring. It has changed tremendously since new management/different management took over. That warm and fuzzy feeling one use to feel from the Davidson's is no longer. We always reserve site #711 which we feel is this campground's premier site. I would highly recommend any site in the "Sunset Circle" loop. Yes, it's true the care and maintenance of the campground has taken a slide downward over the past several years but we have never encountered any rude or abrupt behavior from any employee/volunteer. We always go in April before the children are out of school and the campground is fairly quiet. This is a large campground with 500+ sites, hence alot of vehicle traffic, bike riding, children (on weekends and during the summer). Also, it's in a low lying area and on the Chesapeake Bay so be forwarned that standing water can and does occur during and from storms and high tides. This campground offers alot for the kids and can definitely be called a "destination" campground. Try hard to book a site as close to the water as you can, the back part of the park is very low, very shady and can be very wet and muddy. Go and enjoy! smile.gif
We stay at Cherrystone a few times a year. It's close to us and has alot to offer. There is enough to keep the kids busy so we have the site to ourselves most of the day. Night time crabbing on the piers is great, you can snatch them right out of the water. There are kids on bikes, we use ours so be careful still the best way to get around.
The only problem we had was with a neighbor once so we just moved to another site. Office understood and was no problem.
The place is nice, don't care what anybody says, my kids love it.
We stayed at Cherrystone in June for the first time and loved it. Did some fishing and enjoyed a couple seafood meals at the campsite. We will be back next year.
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