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Full Version: Billings Montana Parking
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John Blue
Everyone remember the Billings Montana KOA parking on Wal-Mart lots? Now you can park in the big box lots for up to 10 hours per write up in FMCA. A lot of RV people wrote Billings over this problem and no one would spent any money in Billings, no fuel, no food, and no RV park rent. I guess that hit home with the good people and lady that owns the local KOA in Billings.

I wrote to city council and like other RV people we all said the same thing, no more money to Billings. It has been two years now in the working to get this fixed. The RV people ignited a "boycott Billings" act. I do not have any plans to return back to Billings.
Good news! I, too, wrote letters to the Mayor and City Council of Billngs. This just goes to show what RV folks can do when they join together. I am delighted, if for no other reason, because the greedy owner of the Billings KOA lost her efforts to force people to stay in her overpriced, lousy park when in Billings!
Hubby and I spent 6 nights in Billings the first part of June this summer. I have been following the problems that both the KOA and the Yellowstone River RV Park people caused for us RVers too. We stayed at Trailer Inn RV Park and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and visiting Billings. I have a very elderly aunt who lives there, which is the main reason we spent time there.

Out of curiousity, we checked out both the KOA and Yellowstone River RV Park. They were both down the same very bad, long street. We drove it in our truck but we decided that we would not like to have to tow our 5th wheel down that street! Both parks are very nice. However, Yellowstone was $10 per night more than what we were paying and I didn't even dare to ask what the rate was at the KOA, but experience tells me that they were probably more like $20 more per night.

Do go back to Billings! It is a very nice city. They have a Cracker Barrel restaurant there that we tried but don't know why they have been awarded the Welcome Mat award from "Trailer Life" magazine for several years. Our aunt took us to eat at the Golden Corral. Now, that is the best buffet place we have ever eaten in! There was a Home Town Buffet in the same area which was put out of business by the Golden Corral. After eating at both places, I can certainly see why.
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