After watching a video a couple of years back about what low and high voltage can do to our coaches I ran right out & got the best protection I could find. In the 2 years since it has alerted me to problems at 4 campgrounds.

In 2 instances, management was concerned & were going to look into the problems. mad.gif In the other 2 however I got the lecture that it's OBVIOUSLY my problem because no one else is complaining. I have installed the Electrical Management System (EMS) which will cut my power if it detects a problem. In my current park, Kit Fox RV Park in Patterson, CA, there is a continuous surge of high voltage between 1:30 AM and 8 AM. I can't run a thing during these hours but at 4 PM when it's 105 degrees outside I can run both ACs, both TVs, electric skillet, vacuum cleaner & all manner of electrical appliances WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS! Seems odd to me! mad.gif

I think we should alert our fellow RVers to these dangers & start a list of problem parks. I'll start:

LOW Sunset RV Park, Henderson, NV - this really shouldn't be considered an RV park. They have rigged 2 30-amps together to make 50-amps
LOW Campus RV Park, Independence, MO - The park had put a trailer in a spot that wasn't really a site. He was sapping electricity from my post by rigging a couple of lines.
HIGH Cactus RV Park, Tucumcari, NM - This is an older park but they've updated their electrical...supposedly.
HIGH Kit Fox RV Park, Patterson, CA - This is a BRAND NEW PARK, but this is by far the worst surge I've ever had and only between the hours of 4am and 8am. According to my cheat sheet; High Voltage (ABOVE 132 volts) & Line Frequency High (line frequency above 69 cycles per second

Take a stand. The damage is costly & these buggies are expensive enough!

Safe travels! rolleyes.gif