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Full Version: Travel Expectations
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What is a safe comfortable realistic daily travel distance. I know terraine will affect it but I am planning a long trip to the northwest, will wander around a couple/3 weeks and head home.

I am towing a new 25ft 5'er with 2005 Chevy 2500HD gasser.

I'd appreciate any and experienced ideas on the subject so that I can plan stops and layovers.

Thank you all so much.
John Blue
We stay under 300 miles or less per day. On some days we travel 100 miles or less. One move in San Antonio was 12 miles. We moved from south side of city on I-37 to park close to downtown with three stops on the way to pick up food and supplies. Tough day for the Blue's.
Big Ben
300 to 400 is a good day for us, and usual take a day or to to stop and look around. we are full timers so there is no rush. Almost always spend a month at a destination.
We try to keep it at 350-400 miles a day. Just remember that number will decrease in areas like the 101 coast highway in California, Oregon and Washington as a lot of it is 2 lane highway and lots of tourists and sightseeers in the Summer. laugh.gif
Cheryl Fuller
We do the same as Gene - 350-400 miles per day. One time we had to push it and do 500 and it makes for too long of a day. This trip, we did 320 one day and then 170 the next. Went from home to Jackson Hole and then from there to Yellowstone. Will be leaving Yellowstone later in the week and heading home, which is about 500 miles so we will make it in 2 days. Was planning on going on to Salt Lake City yesterday but decided to spend an extra 5 days here and then head home.
We have a motor home w/toad and we do from 150 to 300 miles a day. Personally 300 miles for myself is a little much. Normally we try for plus or minus 200. As mentioned previously, many issues enter the equation.
Road conditions, traffic, weather, and the need to be somewhere on a given day. Above all, enjoy your trip and your vacation time. Safe travels.
Thanks gang. About what I expected and have convinced mama also thet we should reduce our expectations and take a more liesurely trip than initially planned.

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