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Full Version: Ohio Campground Information
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Has anyone information on a dual campground in North West Ohio. Located just off Highway 20. The campground has two names "Lazy River" and "River Pines C.G". They do not seem to have a website, and are not listed in Ohio Campgrounds. However they appear to be a large operation. Would be interested in any information on these c/g's. They are located close to the Indiana line.
Hi Homer

I am not sure if this is what your looking for but i found this campground and it does show in thier directions that they are off of hwy 20

heres the link to the campground

also heres is where i found the information i use this alot and have found alot of campgrounds

this is for ohio but you can go to the home page and see all 50 states

and including canada and mexico at

i hope this helps the name was nt the same but the location sounded like what your were wanting Good luck and Happy trails biggrin.gif
Hi Meterman 46: Thanks for all your thoughful help. However, I am afraid it is not the place I am looking for. The highway is the same (no doubt about that), but the one I'm trying to find information on, is at least 80 miles west of Cedar Point or more. I drove a truck past it the other day or I would have stopped to get information. There was no place to park a truck or turn it around.
However, I have bookmarked the links you gave me and will check them out for further information. Again thank you and happy RV'G. Homer smile.gif
Big Ben
Homer, I found this with Microsoft Streets and Trips. May also be in Woodalls.
Lazy River Resort
12-808 SR 20
Pioneer Ohio
Ph. 419-485-4411

The park that you want is in Pioneer, Ohio. It has a lot of permanent campers, been there for a long time.

Never been there, but have driven past. When Sauder at Archbold is so close and Harrison Lake State Park, I probably will never stay there!!

Happy Trails during this HOT, HOT Buckeye Summer!!!!
Thanks Big Ben and JOJO. I think you both have the right park in mind, but now to find some kind of information on it. It does seem to have a lot of permanents, but also appears to have a sizeable RV area. I would definetlly agree with JOJO's assesment of Sauders, but not necessarily Harrison Lake SP. Thanks again~~
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