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Full Version: Logging Off
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I have a question. On other websites (that have log ins) when I close the site it automatically logs me off that site. I have recently noticed that when I open this site I am still logged in from the previous time. I do try to remember to log off, but unfortunately I am of that age when I don't always remember. But if I close the site (which I do) shouldn't that log me off or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help, and my apologies for when I do forget.
Big Ben
I never log off. Don't think it makes any differants.
I don't think it should make a difference either, but unless I actually click on "log off" I am still logged on the next time I open the site--even if it is several hours later.
Cheryl Fuller
I am member of about 6 or 7 forums and I never log off on any of them. That way I am always logged on when I click on them.
That's really interesting. I didn't think websites would like it if you did that, but I guess it doesn't hurt after all. Thanks for the tip.
The moderators here can correct me if I'm wrong, but no logging off makes no essential difference. This forum will auto-log you off after some time of inactivity.

And, actually when you click on this forum, you are auto-logged ON by a cookie in your computer. This saves you from having to manually log on every time you reach this site.

If I"m wrong, smack me up side of the head. smile.gif
I feel better hearing that this doesn’t really matter because I was afraid I was tying up space on the site every time I forgot to log out. Thanks for all your help.
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