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Full Version: Skylights
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Question. Has anyone had a skylight cave in for no obvious reason. The outer surface of the skylight over our shower has caved in, but we don't think it is actually touching the inner surface yet. We know we have not hit anything, and to the best of our knowledge nothing has hit us. The skylight surface is not cracked or scraped or damaged in any other way, but it is beginning to pull up at the outside edges. It's almost like a vacuum is sucking the outside inward. The inside still looks OK, except you can see the "dent" on the outer layer. We have not had it in extreme heat either. Texas does get hot, but we keep it under a port when not in use. I'm sure it will need replacing, but we'd sure like to know what caused it so that we can keep it from happening again. The repair shop doesn't seem to have a clue why it collapsed. Maybe one of you has an idea. Thanks in advance.
I guess if you've had some hot days and cool nights that could cause the problem with pressure changes from hot to cold (with a tiny air leak in one of the panels). I've never heard of this happening to anyone I know of before so I'm just guessing.
Thanks, aMazin, for your reply. We have now been in touch with both the coach and skylight manufacturer. Neither of them had ever heard of this either. However, they were willing to replace the skylight, so it looks like this will end on a good note.
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