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I'm sure that this has been discussed many times, but I need some help. I have read many times in many places that CG water pressure varies greatly from CG to CG, sometimes dangerously high and sometimes totally inadequate.

As a matter of policy I travel with about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of a tank of fresh water to meet short-term "none available" or short term "this is gross" situations.

Now to my questions.

1. I remember seeing recommendations for good quality pressure regulators, but can't seem to find them with a search. I live in a small town with only a Home Depot and an Ace Hardware. Ace doesn't have much of anything. I need a recommendation. I have a standard 'inline" regulator but have heard that they are subject to failure. Any Ideas or recommendations?

2. I guess the samethings apply to CG electrical power and accurate monitoring is also a recommended practice. I need recommendations for an electrical power monitoring system, simple, accurate and reasonably priced. I have a DVM (Digital Voltmeter) but I keep forgetting to move it from my shop to the camper.

Thanks for all your help.
I know you can get pressure regulators that have a gauge from Camping World or most RV dealers.
As far as the voltage meters, you need to get one of the surge protectors that also read voltage. They are expensive, but worth the money because you can damage the electrical system as well as the applience with either low or high voltage. The surge protectors are well worth their money. My parents have a motorhome that got damaged recently when campground wiring failed, but the motorhome next to him had the surge protector that did its job and had no damage. Check in camping world for both products unless someone else has a better idea for you.
I love the picture of your goldie. We now have our 2nd goldie, a 9 month old puppy.
I second the Camping World suggestion. They'll have everything you need. Any large RV dealers they should have both items if you are on a trip stop in and pick up what you need.
Thanks gang. Made a trip to Camping World, Tucson (160miles round trip) and got a good quality power monitor and surge protector. Went to Home Depot and got a good quality water regulator with a meter on it.

Almost ready for our big trip to the Pacific Northwest. YEA!!!!!!

QUOTE(aMazin @ Aug 4 2006, 11:41 AM) *
I second the Camping World suggestion. They'll have everything you need. Any large RV dealers they should have both items if you are on a trip stop in and pick up what you need.

Hey just a thought Did you know about ?

May have save some gas. Also You can also get quality rv parts and accessories at most rv dealers and if not do a google search for online dealers some even have catalogs you can order from. Heres a one I found Yes they will send you a catalog FREE I got one last year. Just thought you might like to know.I even found this site "googling" around the internet. Happy Trails biggrin.gif
Actually, a trip to Tucson is rather normal for us on a fairly regular basis. It's the closest big town to this little borderburg. I didn't make the run solely for Camper World, combined objectives and saved CW's shipping charges, but thanks for the thought.

Happy Trails smile.gif
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