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Full Version: Bellaire Woods Campground Savannah GA
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I am new to the RV world. I Just bought a 20 ft travel trailer 3 months ago because I am on the orad all the time for work. A guy I work with reccommended Woodall's as the place to locate my campgrounds when I travel.

Well I ended up at Bellaire RV Park less than a month ago. Within the first week I knew I was in trouble when I observed the owner acting abusively on a number occassions.

He is so rude and out of control a little after two weeks that I had been in the park the pay phones were all pulled because the people that own them came in to pull one and he damnded they pull them all. He then told the campers they were a curtesy item he didn't have to provide pay phones. The same thing with his advertised internet hub. It is a restricted port- 11am6pm and if you were wokring like me and getting off after five and reaching the site around 545 he would spend the time I was hooking up and downloading my mail harranging me over pushing the time.

His showers are a push button no adjustment type. I finally got so annoyed I timed the time they run, 25 seconds at a push and are lukewarm. I ended up buying a membership at a gym partly so i could get a hot shower.

After the third week of putting up with his abuse I finally said something about his rude behavior. His response was "If I didn't like it I could get my ass out of there" So I left before my monthly was even up. I can't believe an individual like that still has a bussiness running that is even remotely successful. I wuld reccommend staying away from his site and would liek to hear from anyone else who had problems with him.
John Blue
I wrote up this site a long time ago as very bad, todate people do not read this board or think the place will change, wrong answer. I do not see how they stay in business! You should see the write up's in RV.Net Open Roads Forum over this place. Long list of posting were sent to people who own park and answer was "so what". In good time this place will go out of business. People also own a small RV repair service center next door to park. If you open a hood on car to check oil level, park people will tell to close it now. We have only found a small number of bad parks in USA, this one tops the cake.
Be sure to check out the very high rating TL gives this dump, and also the beautiful pictures on their web site. If they were giving out Pulitzer prizes for fiction in the RV industry, the TL rating system would win it hands down, and the web sites some of these clowns have would be a close second.
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