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Full Version: Complicated Registration Process
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This has to be one of the most complicated registration procedures I have ever encountered. Why so?
Billy K
sad.gif I have the same problem. While I am logged in, and want to post, I am being asked for my username and password. I forgot my password, and am waiting for the longest time to get an e-mail back.
QUOTE(bubbabob @ Aug 12 2006, 09:15 PM) *

This has to be one of the most complicated registration procedures I have ever encountered. Why so?
Cheryl Fuller
Must be a new process - when I joined over a year ago, it was a very easy and quick submission and approval. Maybe someone else can answer as to what is going on....
Don't know what the problem is, you sign up and get a validation email which you must click on to validate it and you are now a member. If you want to post a review then you need to log in to do that as it is a separate process, no big deal. wink.gif

Billy K,
It is not the fault of this website that you lost or forgot your password so I would click on the "Forgot your password" when logged out from this forum (not the review form) and see what happens. If you provided a good email address then you should have no problem getting it. smile.gif
John Blue
The hold thing is in five steps. The webmaster has made the hold system very easy to fill out the information. In most cases you can update a report in couple mins. If park is in data base then about you need to do is check the bathroom and shower boxs and write up your comments, them you are done. I do not have a problem with input.
I just registered and thought the process was easy to use. Took me less than 5 minutes from start to finish. I also rated a couple of campgrounds and had no problems. I am enjoying this site a great deal.
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