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Full Version: Fair Grounds
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When you stay in a State Fair parking lot, please remember that it is a parking lot, not a campground. Someone gave an unfair rating to Wisconsin State Fair Park because " it was only a parking lot" "only a cement slab" That is exactly what it is. It's in the middle of the Milwaukee area, close to the city, the zoo, and a lot of cultural attractions; and most importantly....the only availabe parking for an RV in Milwaukee proper. It is absolutely perfect for what it is meant to be. Keep in mind this is Wisconsin State Fair Parking Lot. It is not a campground, or an RV park !!!! Please be fair.
wandering palms
I agree, we stay at quite a few fairgrounds in our travels and its always because of the location. We never except anything more then a safe place to park and normally W&E, some times were surprised with a full hook up site. Most of the Fairgrounds are located in the city, and are patrolled by the county or city police, and are priced fair.
We do prefer a nice campground but when the nearest one to a city that we are doing things in is 45 miles away a fairground is fine with us.
We are staying in rv spaces behind an rv dealership right now. Like a fairground it is simply a parking spot with hookups. We are getting what we are paying for, a less expensive way to be in an area where the campgrounds charge twice as much for similar sites.

I wouldn't give a parking lot site anything higher than a 7 but I always qualify in the comments the fact that I got what I paid inexpensive basic service. If it meets that requirement then it gets high marks. If the power was poor, or the grounds were very bad to drive through(potholes, etc.), or there were any safety issues then I would give the fairground or other alternative campsite a poor mark and explain it.
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