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Full Version: Ocean Waves Hatteras Nc
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John S.
We got here today and they said only pay for 4 days since we all might have to leave the island. Nice people and very nice of them too.
John S.

We hope that you don't have to leave in a hurry... enjoy your stay however long it may be.
John S

Could it be because of a Hurricane coming northward??? the state of Florida has asked for evacuations.......and is asking all TOURISTS to leave The latest show a northward track right up the east or will tell you more on the Hurricane ernesto....just a thought to maybe why??
John S.
It is going south of us but we are getting the rain and winds but not the terrible weather of a true hurricane. We decided to stay when they said there was no evacuation order or problem staying and it did not look like it was going to hit the OBX directly just in passing. It is interesting to say the least and the coach is rocking back and forth and we are pretty heavy but the wind is stronger. We have a number of perople here and the Island is not evacuated at all. There is lots of cars going both ways on the road. I think we will just sit here in the campground and watch the rain.

They were very understanding on the cancellations too. We should have been full but there is about 10 units here now.
John S.
Well we are home and survived the storm. I think it came a bit further north with more strength than they expected. We had a tornado that took the shingles of the KPA camping cabins and it tore apart a four winds trailer in Camp Hatteras. We heard the noise all through the night and there must have been more than one tornado in the area out at sea. but the loudes one happend around 8 am as it was winding down and that was the one that hit the campgrounds.
John Blue

Good to see you made it back to VA with no damage to MH. We were hit one night in Corpus Christi with same problem. You would think MH was a cement mixer at 30K in weight. It was a rock and roll night to remember. Next day tree parts were every place. It may help to stop the rocked if you dump the air bags and set it on frame. Before you do this remember the small door for sewer hose may break if it is to low to ground.

Welcome back. smile.gif
John S.
Hey John,

Thanks for the well wishes. Yes I dumped the air and I watched the door the first time too. It is an all cement pad there and it was not a problem. Yes it was rock and roll and the wind was over 90 mph but unless we went way inland we would have had storms and they had flooding inland too as wll as downed trees. I guess it is the east coasts worry but you get plenty of warning on hurricanes. unlike tornados int hemidwst.
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