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Full Version: The Name Game
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I just recently watch the RV movie with Robin Williams and it made me wonder how many people do name their RVs. Answer the poll and if your have named your RV tell us what you named it and why.
Cheryl Fuller
COWolfPack, you didn't tell us if you have named yours. We haven't named ours, but will have to give that some thought.....
OK Cheryl,

I added my vote and I will tell you that we did name our trailer. We call it 'The Dog House' and no it is not because that is where I sleep when my wife is mad at me. laugh.gif We named it that because my wife, my son, and I were all born in the Chinese year of the dog and when we go camping we bring our dogs with us, all 4 of them. Luckily for us they are well trained and yes we always pick up after them at the campground. I don't like leaving little landmines for people to find at a campground and I definetely don't like finding ones other people have left. We have brought them camping with a few times and have never had complaints from the campground operators or our fellow campers because we keep them quite and clean up our messes.
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