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Full Version: Myrtle Beach S.c. State Parks
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looking to stay at one of these parks in 2007 but cant decide from websites would like some input from folks that have stayed at both or seen both thanks
We stayed at Myrtle Beach State Park and went on a day trip to Huntington Beach State Park....Myrtle Beach State Park itself is a very nice park, however the sites are too close together for what we like....we were there in the winter, so hardly anyone was there so we had no neighbors....easy access to the beach, across the street from the campground......Huntington Beach campground was more open campsites, but not as wooded, which we like wooded, however if I remember correctly, there were plenty of trees around....not sure of how far the walk to the beach was, but campsites seemed more spacious......personally, our favorite in S.C. is Hunting Island in Beaufort, SC, but sounds like you are wanting the attractions of Myrtle Beach.....I would have to say that of the two you mentioned, Huntington Beach would be more "big-rig friendly"....Myrtle Beach S.P. was sort of "tight"....hope this helps a little.
Camped last night in Huntington Beach State Park and just loved the place. The individual sites are more in the open than Myrtle Beach, but by this time of the year shade is less of a concern, although every site has at least one shade tree. We were in site 6, 20 yards from the boardwalk to the beach. As there is a nice distance between the sites privacy is ok too, even though it is more open. Myrtle Beach State Park has more shade, but it is in the flight path of Myrtle Beach Airport, so noise could be a concern.
We stayed at MBSP in June last year.'s a no frills CG in an area prone to lazy rivers and golf carts but that is exactly our type of CG. Oh yeh...we saved 50% off the price of a resort CG.
Linda VA2
We have stayed at Huntington Beach State Park soon after Christmas last year and the year before. We really like the area around Murrell's Inlet where it is still a beach type community with great restaurants and the "marsh walk"! The campground was great. We had a roomy site both years and the campground was only half full. I've heard it is packed during the summer months. The campground is a short walk, via boardwalk, to the beach. We love riding our bikes to the "jetty" - the beach is gorgeous!
You might also check out Hunting Island State Park, which is also close to Myrtle Beach. We stayed there this summer and loved the place. The park is wooded and on the "island" with a gorgeous beach.
I agree with busyteach that Hunting Island is a beautiful State Park, but it is about 180 miles from Myrtle Beach, so it is not useful for visiting the Myrle Beach area.
Bud Wiser
We stayed in Myrtle Beach State Park in 1998, now it may have changed since then, but at that time it was like a jungle. The sites were narrow, and there were so many trees that it was very hard to get a 33' motor home backed into a spot. The area we were in was kind of swampy looking too. The particular site had a bad electrical box that melted my power plug. The State Park did reimburse me for the repair, but not the two nights we had to spend in a motel though. As far as the electrical box, that can happen at any RV park. The jungle was a different thing. Maybe, or hopefully things have changed since then, and perhaps they have cut out some of the trees. I don't know if all the park was like the section we were in or not. We left after the cord incident, and had to stay in a motel for two nights, as it occurred on a Saturday, and all the shops were closed until Monday.
Have you considered Edisto Beach St Park?? We stayed there in Nov. 2005 and loved it. It is right on the beach and the sites were nice. Price wasnt too bad either. At certain times of the year the loggerhead turtles nest there, though by the time we got there they wer long gone. Edisto is a small town, but while we were there we took day trips to Buford, Charleston, and Savannah (ga).
We have stayed at MBSP and Huntington SP and prefer the latter. MBSP in the upper site We had took too long bto get in and was a chore. Also the roads left a lot to be desired.

Great beach though and the staff was very nice.
We have stayed at both MB SP and HB SP and prefer Huntingon Beach. It is less congested and the beach is still in it's natural state there.
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