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Full Version: Where To Buy Supplies?
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When we purchased our travel trailer, we were given a huge catalog to order supplies from. However, we were dumbfounded at how much shipping charges were. This catalog had the biggest selection, but I don't want to pay $100 to ship! Even one item was $45 shipping. Ridiculous!

Where is the best online place to buy camping supplies?

Crittercove, When we first started RVing we thought we had to buy all our supplies from speciality catalogs or from those places that cater to camping. We soon learned that many of those same items are at Walmart, Target, or other discount stores, even grocery stores--usually for a lower price. Many Walmarts now have a well stocked "RV section." When we don't find what we need at those stores we go to Camping World since we live very close to one. They have stores through out the US, and you can get a list of their locations from their web site. They, too, have a big catalog (maybe it is the one you already have) and also charge for shipping. You will find they do have items that are specifically designed for RV's and camping--many of which you can't live without--or at least we couldn't. They also have a President's Club which has a yearly membership fee, but you do get a discount on supplies. We have found that the membership has saved us money each year. And no I don't work for Camping World. Where ever you get your supplies, you will have lots of fun looking at all the do dads and trying to decide what to get.
Cheryl Fuller
We shop at the same places that Texasrver does. Sometimes we go to Camping World as there is also one in our area, but for most of our needs, we generally go to WalMart. The only time I have ordered any rv supplies online was a few years ago, when I wanted to get my husband a "slinky" holder for the black water tank hose. I didn't have a chance to make it across town to Camping World so ordered it from teir website. I don't think the shipping charge ws very high, because if it were, I would have made the trek to their store.
Agree with texasrvers about Walmart and Camping World, but we don't have CW near us so do pay shipping. You might try this site too. RVing Outpost, family owned and operated so I do business with them whenever I can. They are campers and give very personal service so if you have questions about shipping costs, etc they will be big help. I met Mrs. Mik in online forums, have never met her. If I have to pay it anyway would rather pay them.

wandering palms
For a lot of the hardware type stuff, Water filters, fittings, water hoses, closet organizers, and such are much cheaper at Home depot or Lowes.
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