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Full Version: Brownsville, Texas
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Retiree in Waiting
My wife and I are considering traveling to the Southern Tip of Texas and staying for the month of January, 2007. We have never been to that part of Texas before and are wondering if anyone can help us in finding a good RV Park to stay at. We prefer to be close to golf courses but that's not absolutely necessary. We really don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a place either.
John Blue
Tom & Sharon,

We spent a short time at Breeze Lake RV Campground couple years ago. Brownville is on end of Rio Grande river and is a mud flat town. If you have a lot of rain this place is a mess and as soon as the sun comes out you have dust. We looked at number of RV parks in town and did not find better places to stay. We could have missed a couple.

The weather is good most of the time in winter months. Golf is not a problem, it is every place. Downtown was OK and you can walk into Mexico if you wish. People in city were very nice.

I see seven parks in Brownville per TL and three are rated on this board. One is rated very poor. I understand a lot of people call this place home in winter months so you need to check out a park soon.

Wish I could help you more.
Welcome Tom & Sharon

Here's a website that might offer some help in places in Texas I've been San Antonio before but wasn't able to camped there. Good Luck also you can go to the home site and it shows for all 50 states. heres for Texas

And here's the home address

I have use this site when I was road tripping in this past July for vacation & found it helpful.

Good Luck & Happy Trails
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