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Full Version: Islamorada, Florida Keys
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Our son is getting married at Lookout Lodge in May in the Islamorada Key. Does anyone know of a good rv park near that Key? We are 40' and have a small dog, prefer hook-ups. Thanks all.
Never camped down there but familiar with the Keys. I think Key Largo closest. It's a nice area. Probably 20 miles but unless something in Tavernier and I don't see anything. You might want to park RV in hotel/lodge lot closer for wedding than use RV to go on down to explore lower Keys and Key West. More campgrounds as you get closer to Key West. Keys have been especially hard hit by last hurricanes so some campgrounds are gone.

We have camped in the Keys several times. Avoid Boyd's in Key West!! We like Fiests Key Resort KOA in Long Key. Beautiful sunsets. Expensvie, but they all are down there. Probably the best place would be Bahia Honda Key, it is a State Park, beautiful place, but you need to get a reservation way in advance. I am not sure which would be closer to the wedding location. You will love it there, we do, we will be back there again in February. ENJOY! Oh, congrats on the neptuals! biggrin.gif
I would second the recommendation for Fiesta Key KOA. We camped at Sunshine Key a couple of years ago (right after a hurricane). The Keys are not known for great beaches, but their beach area was pretty good. We drove through Fiesta Key KOA and decided we would probably stay there next time. Very clean looking and the sites didn't appear to be right on top of one another like most are down there. Land is at a premium and they try to squeeze in every inch of space they can. Landmarks are measured by 'mile markers', so depending on where the wedding is, look to see what mile marker it's at and you can get an idea of how far the campgrounds are from it. Keep in mind - it's a 2 lane road most of the way. Do get to Key West if you can - the scenery and water are beautiful. Duval Street is a hoot (go at night) and make sure to take plenty of $$$ - it's expensive!
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, mile marker 105 (30 miles from wedding),
Tavernier mile marker 95, Islamorada mile marker 75, Fiesta Key Resort KOA mile marker 70 (check for reservations because it was sold to developers and employees expect it to close in three month). Long Key State Park mile marker 65, Curry-Hammock State Park
mile marker 56, is perfect for big rigs and close enough to Key West for day trips. I would not take a big rig into Key West.
The state parks have water/electric/dump station and their website even gives length of sites.
I would reserve now for March. Do a internet search for rv parks in Islamorada and you will find many. I always check all nearby towns on this website for vrv parks. Remember comments change from year to year as rv parks may change from one year to next. Suni from Texas, wintering in Florida
This maybe of helps as this website shows all campgrounds in FL that are connected to this site ( they maybe more) Good Luck.
Thanks for the link meteman. There are a lot of campgrounds around the area but it would probably be smarter to find a place closer to the wedding and everyone else. Islamorada is one of the larger keys so you should not have a problem finding a place to stay.
If you had looked closely at the original post you would see that it was dated 2006. I would imagine the son is already married by now. In fact that is so long ago he may also be divorced.
Florida Native
Probably has several kids by now, but I guess now days, that usually happens before the wedding.
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