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Full Version: Plattsburgh RV Park
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Looking for feedback on Plattsburg RV Park in upstate NY near Lake Champlain.
biggrin.gif Hi I have been there and it is beautiful...The people are very friendly the lots are good size ..There are wooded areas and open areas pool cabins..all sorts of friendly.There is
one other park that you should not mistake for Plattsburgh Rv Park.
It's called Shady Oaks RV Park just down the road....bad bad place since new owners took over in Feb of 04. They over charge and the owners are always running people out after they pay. If you pick a site and the owner doesn't like where you are he will kick you out. Believe me I have been there and will NEVER go back.

So all you people looking for a pleasent camp to go to in Upstate Ny go to Plattsburgh Rv Park
on Rt 9 east of exit 39 on I-87
Justacamper and Unhappycamper are not teling the truth. they are were evicted for breaking the rules. The owners try to make campers stay a quiet and enjoyable camping experience. I am a camper at this campground and I know "Justacamper" who is Sandra Martin. She is a trouble maker. She, her brother and her nephew use to party till all hours of the night keeping everyone awake. She lost her case in court because the owner had a CD of Sandra's depicting the campground as a party haven with pictures of her husband mooning campers while walking their dogs. The judge dismissed her case,.. she losted. Thank God for the new owners. Now it is a quiet and peaceful campground. The owners don't deserve all this bad stuff being said about them. This is to be the truth or better yet come check it out for yourselves at or ask the campers what really happened.
Cheryl Fuller
zephre, I am just interested in knowing how you know this to be true. Nothing against unhappy camper but I would not base my stay on his (or her) comments as they do not really give any information about the park, such as site size, road conditions, etc., and I have never been to a park where I just went and picked whatever site I wanted anyway. I would read the review section on any park, including Shady Oaks, and do my own research, but generally place little stock in generic comments that do not give us any insight into the condition of the park. I think most of us realize that if someone has a bad experience with management, regardless of who is at fault, they will have bad comments about the place.
Not only do I agree with Cheryl with respect to the issues she raised, I find this entire series of posts highly suspect. The first post, from JetsFan, was only this poster's second post to the site since joining some two years ago in December of 03. It was then followed up by a post from unhappycamper with the first post ever to this site by that poster although the poster joined in July of 04, one and a half years ago. And it was then followed up by a post from zephre who joined in March of 05 but who has never posted before. Did we just get a "plug" for one campground and a "bomb" for a competitor by someone with a vested interest, or are these honest reviews? I would love to know. wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif
Take a look at the posting dates--JetsFan posted 2 questions on different parks on the same day Dec 30, 2003 , and they went unanswered back then. Then unhappycamper picked it up on Jul 31 2004 then Zephre01 added a message on Dec 26 2005 - seems like quite a span to me to be suspicious??
In response to the comments made about Shady Oaks Rv Park in upstate ny. I will tell you that the comments are in fact true..I was there...I had been camping there for 6 years when the new owners took over and made the place unpleasant for everyone. My name is Sandra Martin and I have never been kicked out of a park in my life. Shady Oaks was a beautiful campground with lots of avtivities for the kids and adults as well, nice size lots, rec hall where we had New Year Partys with the old owners. the campground was one big happy family...people were the nicest people I have ever met. I was just a weekend camper as we work during the week and have a 2 week vacation in the summer. We would lso camp during the winter with a few other couples who like to winter camp. When the owner took over in Feb o4 it was dooms day. In May I went to pay my lot fees, I found it very unusual for the owner (Louise) not to offer me a receipt and that I had to ask for one. From then on I had a funny feeling something was up. Two weeks later I was accuse of having a party and they send me an eviction letter telling me I had 7 days to leave. Me being Canadian, and not knowing the laws ...we left. But if I would have only knew then what I know now I would have never left.
I went to court and the Judge was handed by (Jim) false and altered documents.
The old owners went to see the Judge to tell him that the letter that was altered was a forged document and the case was dismissed.
These owners Louise and Jim have made people miserable to the point that most of the grounds are now empty. They have sent letters to Twin Ells and to Plattsburgh Rv Park among others giving them a list of people who have left Shady Oaks and saying the they are all trouble makers. What kind of people would do a thing like that? He ( JIM) has walked around at night dressed in black so nobody can see him and lister to fireside conversations...we know this to be true because he would wear runners with the strip that would glow in the dark..when ever he passed by the fire would make it glow....
They have also posted up in other websites that my trailer was in a farmers field on fire...I also have conversations of Louises that I have kept on file of all her lies...
Anyway I am now camping in another campground and I am very happy there.
I would not have answered this post....but I feel that you as readers should know the truth. And by the way Zepher is Louise she has been following me every where since I left there. Yes I do post negitive comments about them...but what i post is the truth. I never did get my money back....

Sandra Martin Click to view attachment this is what I use to have there.

Ps.......Louise and Jim will never admit who they are but will always come back trying to plug the camp because they have lost all their income by being JERKS!!!!
Let me preface this posting by stating that I do not have any info pertaining to the two cg mentioned in previous postings. But having lived all of my 66+ years in Eastern New York State, and having used a number of the campgrounds within eastern, central, & northern NY State, I can tell you that my personal findings are that the majority of the campgrounds do not meet the needs of RVing public. With todays RVs, motor homes, 5th wheels, & travel trailers, the demand for adequate electricity, water, & sewer hookups is very much the request. Most NY cg can not provide the most basic requested amenities as they were built thirty or more years ago. If they have been updated, the update falls short, as an example, the sites are not long enough to accomodate "big rigs", and may or may not even have the very much requested "pull through". The sites maybe left to close together, and roadways to narrow, and the list of short falls gos on and on. As I read other postings and reviews, I can see that New York is not the only area with these problems. The State campgrounds are even worse, most should be only limited to "tents", or small campers, as some are over fifty years old, and with little or no updating has been the norm. I can personally count the best NY campgrounds, that we have stayed at, on one hand. The great Empire State falls short again. So, do your homework, get all the information you can acquire so that you can make the best judgement call for your needs, and so you are not disappointed for whatever reason. Safe travels sad.gif
Big Ben
zephre01 wrote, " Unhappy Camper is a lier"
I'm surprised that some one didn't mention that this is totally uncalled for. You might not beleive them, you might doubt them, but to just flat call some body a lier is uncalled for. Come backs like that might cause others not to write in. .Just my opinion
John Blue

We travel in the southern and western states for all the reasons you wrote about. We call it a sick campground or old run down KOA site. We do not camp in an old run down place. We paid the bucks for a nice place and have no problems.

Also as Big Ben said, lets be nice on this board.

We've been travelling six or seven months out of the year for several years and have been almost everywhere in this great nation at least two to three times. The only exception is the northeastern U. S. We made one trip to the northeast and vowed we would never return. Although there were exceptions, we generally found northeastern campgrounds to be poorly maintained, old, too tight for big rigs, dirty restrooms, and fees and charges for almost everything. To this day, we won't go back for these reasons. Like John Blue, I don't mind paying for a good campsite, but I refuse to pay big bucks for junk. Now I know there will be people out there who write in and defend this campground or that campground in the northeast, but remember, I said "there were exceptions." But they are few and far in between. We stick to the south, the southwest, and the west.
Travelin Rose
We spent 4 months in the northeastern states 3 years ago and would love to go back. These states are very scenic and have so many attractions. But we will not go back for the same reasons stated. Most parks are old, poorly maintained, small sites, dirty and expensive. We don't mind paying for a good park but refuse to pay a lot of money for a dump. The states and RV parks must not realize how many out of state RVers make the trip once and never return. These states have so much to offer, but very few good RV parks.
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