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Jackie & Tony
We're going to be in San Antonio next month and wanted to get ideas on good campgrounds in San Antonio from our fellow campers. We'll be coming up from the Rio Grande Valley, so a campground on that side of the city would be preferable.
Cheryl Fuller
Jackie, you know that I can't read a map, so I have no idea what side of town it is that you and Tony will be on. When Greg and I wen there last spring, on our way to Corpus Christi, we stayed at the Blazing Star. We got one of the premium sites, so had lots of room between us and the neighbors. If you guys want BBQ when you are there, check out Bill Miller's. can't miss them, there is one on almost every corner. I recommend that you do the riverwalk Boat tour also - it is really nicer to do it at night when all the lights are on. We chose the Blazing Star based on the recommendations of some of the people here, and were very happy with it.
QUOTE(Jackie & Tony @ Jan 7 2007, 12:56 PM) *

We're going to be in San Antonio next month and wanted to get ideas on good campgrounds in San Antonio from our fellow campers. We'll be coming up from the Rio Grande Valley, so a campground on that side of the city would be preferable.

We were in San Antonio for a month in March of 2006. We checked out every campground the the two best by fare are The Admirality and Blazing Starr. We stayed at Blazing Starr and have reservations next month for The Admirality, Both are beautiful parks.

Be sure to go to Bandero tx 30 miles away while your there.
Jackie & Tony
rojodoss....what's in Bandero?

Cheryl, thanks, we were leaning towards Blazing Star - so I'm glad to have had a trustworthy review on this park!! Sometimes the Campground books tell it like it was 10 years ago and are not totally honest - so it's always good to poll your fellow campers.

This will be our first time in Texas (other than flying into both Dallas and Houston - that doesn't count).
Cheryl Fuller
Jackie, you have to go to the El Merkato and Farmers Market when in San Antonios. Farmer's Market sounds like it would be mainly fruits and veggies, but it isn't. it is a plethora of little shops, all enclosed under one roof. There are some food places there also. You just have to walk across the street to El Merkato - it has vendor booths set up along the walkway outdoors - also has some shops along one side and other the other side there is another building with different vendors in it. It is located downtown. Also, lots of old missions (churches) that warrant taking a look at. Tony might be interested in seeing the Alamo...
Jackie and Tony,

You will probably be coming up Hwy 281 which joins with I-37 south of San Antonio. As you come into SA if you take Loop 1604 to the west and then north it will take you over to I-10 without having to go through downtown SA (although it is not real bad to drive through.) The 1604 route is a little farther, but it will take you close to the two RV parks mentioned in previous posts, Blazing Star and The Admiralty. The only problem you might encounter going this way is road construction, but I'm not sure as it's been awhile since I've been over that way.

Since we live in the area we have not actually stayed at any of the local parks, but we have driven through almost all of them. Both Blazing Star and Admiralty are very nice, but I would probably put Blazing Star first. It has a bit more natural setting, where as The Admiralty is a little more manicured. In addition there are 2 others I think are worth mentioning. They are out I-10 near Boerne. This is about 30 minutes from SA, but it puts you right in the middle of the Texas Hill Country (see my reply to your other post.) Those parks are Alamo Fiesta and Top of the Hill. These are reviewed on this website under Boerne, and most folks seem to like Top of the Hill a bit better. I know its location has great views. We did not see anything glaringly wrong with Alamo Fiesta, but we havenít actually stayed there. Hope this helps and please let me know if you need more information. Enjoy your stay in our area!
Jackie & Tony
Great info - thanks everyone!
John Blue
Jackie & Tony,

Add one place to look at or add to your list of sites to check out.

"Traveler's World"

This place is close to downtown next to river and city park. I think it is around two miles or less to riverwalk. You can pick up city buss in front of park and leave tow in park. We have been to other parks in this post and find they were very nice also. The only problem, parks are long way out of town and it takes some work to get from park to center of city.

I looked at your travel log and see you may live in Tampa. Happy to see you had a great time in LA and found the Cajun people like to have fun in life.

Enjoy the road!
I have to jump in on this one again. John Blue is correct about Traveler's World being the most convenient park to downtown while the others in the area are a ways out. However, you should know that it is not in the best part of town. Again we haven't actually stayed there, but we did drive through it about 3 years ago, and I'm not sure I understand the fairly high marks that it got on this web site. The place we drove through was nothing like the reviews or the pictures on their web page. But maybe it has changed in the last few years. Would I stay there? I'm not sure. I'd want to see it again.

Just another couple of thoughts. If you do drive into downtown there is metered parking on the streets, but if you're not lucky enough to find a spot an easy place to park is in the River Center garage. River Center is a big mall which provides easy access to the river on the bottom level. It is also just a block from the Alamo. Wherever you park you might want to use the trolley system that runs through downtown. El Mercado that we mentioned earlier is quite a few blocks from the Riverwalk so the trolley would be a good way to get there. Finally if you like old historic homes, walk or drive through the King William area. It is close to downtown. I has also just occurred to me that you might want to start off with the visitors' center. It is across the street from the Alamo.

Enjoy your time here.
Jackie & Tony
So much good info here folks - please keep it coming, we appreciate it!
We stay at Admiralty RV Resort whenever we are in San Antonio. We have been coming as snow birds for the past 15 years and not only love San Antonio, but also the park. We have visited Blazing Star but have not stayed there. Both are located on the west side of San Antonio - Blazing Star is on the 1604 loop near Potranco and Admiralty is near Sea World between 151 and Potranco. Both are close to shopping as there is a new HEB (grocery) on Potranco near 1604. We have stayed as several other parks in San Antonio, but always go back to Admiralty.

Just my POV. Thanks for listening.
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