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Jackie & Tony
OK - it' me again. I've read about how great Hill Country is. I need help - where is the "Hill Country"? We wanted to travel west on the I-10 from San Antonio, but if it's not too far off our path we would like to see some of the area. So, which towns and which routes are recommended?
Jackie and Tony,

I-10 runs right through the Texas ďHill Country.Ē If you look at a Texas map start at San Antonio which sits on the southeast corner of the region. Go north up I-35 to Austin. From there go northwest on Hwy 183 to about Goldthwaite. There isnít a straight highway, but go on a line west to just south of San Angelo. Take Hwy 277 south to Hwy 90 in Del Rio. Take Hwy 90 east back to San Antonio and you have driven the approximate boundaries of the Hill Country.

Where to stay? Iíll answer that on your previous post.

Things to see and do? So much and so little time! In SA be sure to sample Mexican food. The flavor here is known as Tex-Mex. Best placesóLos Barrios, Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery (don't miss the bakery), La Margarita, and many more. Mi Tierra and La Margarita are both in the El Mercado area that Cheryl mentioned in your other post. BBQóRudyís or County Line. (Sorry Cheryl, but Bill Millerís doesnít come close. But thatís just a local personís opinion.) In Texas BBQ brisket is great. Burgers--Chris Madridís. As for sight seeing of course donít miss the Alamo and the other missions which arenít as well known but still interesting. The Riverwalk is a must, but this is the time that they drain and clean it. That only lasts about a week so it may have water again by the time you get here. See it whether it has water or not.

Hill Country towns and sites? Boerne (pronounced burney), Fredericksburg, Kerrville, New Braunfels and Gruene (pronounced green) are all known for antiques. Bandera has a cowboy flavor with dude ranches. Lyndon B. Johnson State Park near Johnson City has the Johnson home and ranch where Lady Bird still lives. The area around Marble Falls, Burnet, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ and Lake Buchanan is beautiful especially in spring when the bluebonnets bloom. We can get them as early as February if the weather is right. Will you be here that long? This area is also a winter home to bald eagles, and there is a cruise you can take to see them. Just outside of Fredericksburg is Enchanted Rock State Park. Thereís also Longhorn Cavern and Natural Bridge Caverns which also has a wildlife park.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. If thereís anything special that you are interested in or if there are any specific activities you like to do or things you want to see, Iíd be glad to help further. Welcome to our area and we hope you have a great time.
Jackie & Tony
Thanks Texasrvers, you have given us such a lot of great information, now we are going to research the campgrounds to see where we'll stay in the Hill country, after leaving SA.
Try Fredrickburg RV Park in Fredericksburg. It does not have activities for kids, but is a nice clean park.

Thanks for listening.
Jackie & Tony
Does anyone have a favorite parks in Kerrville???
Try Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville. This is a top notch park that has been reviewed several times on this site.
That Buchhorn Resort right on 10 is what ALL RV parks should strive to be like! It is gorgeous, quiet and very nice. Clean pool and spa area, nice wide concrete pads, etc. We only stayed 1 night, wish we coud've stayed longer.

Fredericksburg is great. I'd stay in Kerrville and take the day trip up to Fredericksburg and over to Stonewall to LBJ's ranch.
John Blue
Look at Schreiner State Park or Buckhorn Lake Resort at 800-568-6458 for the the good stuff. Did you get the motorhome fixed in Lafayette?
Buckhorn or Guadalupe River Resort that order.

If you have the time and want to do something a little different, I would suggest that you take a couple hours and tour the Mooney aircraft factory in Kerrville. Call them to see what days of the week the tours are given. 830-896-6000.

If your trip is in the April time frame, check out Enchanted Rock. There's no place better to see bluebonnets. Lotsa Kodak moments.


PS: And BBQ in this state means BEEF, not pork. (-:
Jackie & Tony
Texasrvers and other Texans, do you think it's feasible to stay in Boerne and travel into San Antonio each day for a few days? We thought that staying at the Alamo Fiesta might be a good idea.
Hi Jackie and Tony,

Yes, you can stay out in Boerne and drive in. Lots of people live out that far and drive in to work each day. We live 45 miles to the north of SA, and it is not a bad drive. Course we don't go in everyday. Just watch out for rush hour traffic. I-10 is notorious for its traffic jams. I would suggest waiting until after 9 am to go in and then be out before 4 pm or else wait until after 6:30 or 7 pm. You could have a nice dinner in town and then drive out.

Boerne is a quaint little town with lots of antique and craft stores. But it also has a big Walmart and HEB grocery. Alamo Fiesta sits on the south side of town right off I-10 so you can jump on it and you'll be in SA in no time.

Hope you have a great time here.
Jackie & Tony
Oh thanks that's great. Approximately how long would it take to get downtown from Alamo Fiesta - presuming there are no traffic jams?
Probably about 30-40 minutes without any heavy traffic.
I should have said that 30-40 minutes should get you all the way to the downtown area. You'll actually start to see parts of SA 15 minutes after you start down I-10.

Hope you enjoy our city. (We lived there for 31 years, but reitred a little farther out "in the country.") Have fun.
Jackie & Tony
Texasrvers, thanks you've been an awesome help - I might need to call upon you again before we get to Sn Antonio which should be around March 1st.
You are so welcome. Just give us a yell if you need to.
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