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Full Version: Access To Email While On The Road?
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We are planning a 2 week trip to the southwest in the spring. I'd like to email some family members at roughly the halfway point just to let them know all is well. We have no computer on board and have no plans to load it for the trip. It would just take up too much room and I don't have all the gear to use wifi anyway.

When I needed some internet access a while back in Pigeon Forge, TN I was able to use the local library for free. I was just wondering if others had been able to easily find computers avaialble or internet cafes while on the road.

FYI our halfway point will be around Kanab, UT, north rim area of Grand Canyon.

Nedra's Cafe in Kanab offers free internet use to its customers.
Before we started using wifi, we went to local libraries a lot. They are an excellent source for accessing the internet. Almost every one we went to let us check our email for free. Most had some kind of registration or sign in, and we had to show some type of ID, but that was never a problem. Even now we will go to a library if we happen to be in a spot without wifi. I know there are many places that let you access the internet (Starbucks, some bookstores), but you need to have your own computer. Public libraries are the only place that I can think of that actually have the computers for you to use. Good luck and have a great trip.
PS My husband just reminded me that once in a while a campground has had a computer for its guests to use. We think Gouldings Campground in Monument Valley may have provided one. You might check with the campgrounds in the area you plan to stay.
We've been traveling for about 4 yrs now all over the country. and have found libraries to be the best place to access email, etc. Just be sure when you use a public computer to clear the history, or the next user will be able to track the sites you visit. We have family in many places so try to 'borrow' their computers when we can. More and more RV parks and campgrounds have computers or access that are avaiable to their customer. We're thinking about getting a laptop for more extended trips, but really don't know much about WIFI, etc. Any one have suggestions what would be best for use in the RV.
Hi everyone,
WiFi is really great on the road. More and more campgrounds are offering it and most of them seem to realise that free WiFi will bring them more campers. Also,during my last trip in the fall I found free WiFi in many shopping malls, truck stops and even State or municipal welcome centers. As laptops are getting better and cheaper every week I think it is a wise investment to bring one along. It also gives you a chance to check out your digital photos and twiddle around with them.
I can send email using my cell phone. It's $5.00 a month add on for web service. Or you could go with text messaging for only 10 cents a message.
Jackie & Tony
All Panera Breads have free WiFi !!! Don't forget to order a french Onion soup while you're there, it's delectable.
John Blue
Need to read post #1 "No computer on board". WiFi and shops to check e-mail is not much help. Beastdriver, TX, and Stonybirch give the correct information in post 2,3, 4, and 5. biggrin.gif
I read "no computer on board", that's why I mentioned my cell phone. With the $5.00 add on, I can access the web with the phone - no computer needed. Just an alternative to using "public" computers. That might not always be convenient or available. Of course, if you can't get a tower signal, it won't work either.
I also read "no computer on boar" and my post was intended to make blickcd re-evaluate the decision of not bringing along a computer. Sorry if I didn't make this clear enough. By the way, shouldn't this thread belong in the general chat forum? Just a question, no judgment intended.
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